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Saturday, 18 November 2017

November New Moon of Justice

This New Moon is ruled by the justice card. It stands for karma, truth, natural law and righted wrongs.

It is a new moon of liberation from oppression, freedom and increase.

This new moon falls in the Scales of Libra. The two main stars of this constellation are: 

1. Zubeneschamali, the north-pan of the Libra which means 'price received' (benevolent). 

2. Zubenelgenubi, the south-pan of Libra (claw of the scorpion) which means 'price to be paid' (malevolent).  This star gives the ability to focus on goals and overcome obstacles. It is social, clever, unforgiving and revengeful.

This describes the constant struggle between good (god) and evil (devil). 

The Scales of Libra symbolize a triumphant Archway. All doorways fall under this section of the zodiac. It is a doorway to the other side. What lies on the other side will depend on previous action and karma created in the past.


This section of the Zodiac is ruled by Jupiter and by Fire. Jupiter expands things and is also the great benefic. The Fire is the great 'I am' of manifestation. Everything that is said after I am, will manifest.

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More About Today's New Moon:

Galaxy 16: Zubenelgenubi - Lover's Archway in Libra

Every Day
 has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. 

Today is a day to be romantic, loving, kind and assertive. The Archway of love and weddings. A good day for love and soul-mating. Powerful Prayer Day. Great Truths may reveal themselves. 
Today's warning is to guard against: loss, theft, betrayal, abuse, venereal disease, poisoning, drowning, anguish, revenge and criminality in general. Vibrate to the positive energy of being lovingly assertive and draw those positive energies into your life. Wear something red for self-empowerment today. 

Numbers: 16, 7. (Today's numbers 2, 4, 5, 11, 246)
Colors Today: Topaz

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

Marker Star: Libra's South-Pan: Zubenelgenubi: Star of Purpose16° - 29°20' Scorpio
'If Music be the Food of Love, play on' - 12th Night - Shakespeare.

Sun conjuncts Pholus - unexpected gifts and events. A small event sets off a chain reaction. Send healing light to our ancestors so that their issues may subside.
Sun conjuncts Juno (love). Juno highlights the kind of marriage partner we should have.
Moon conjuncts North-Node (amplifies energy) of Venus (love). When the moon conjuncts Venus it adds fortunate energy to the day. It brings love, beauty, harmony, pleasure, cash and gifts.
Moon sextile Mars - good for doing exercise and sportt.

Symbol: Triumph Arch - The Archway between this world and the other side (life and death).
The Archway is also the wedding archway. The Libra Archway is also the reason why a kiss under an archway (doorway) is magical and seals love, and the reason why a marriage is only legal under a roof (archway).

Rules: Decorated Gateways, archways, potter-wheels, lions, gifts, balance and relationships. It also rules cotton fields and nipples.

Ruled by: Jupiter, Indra (the Powerful) and Agni (Fire God).

Enhanced Energy Today: Love, balance, harmony, law, order and spirituality. Be courageous and follow your passion. Preparing a creative field to harvest the benefits within the proper time. 

Light Energy: When the moon visits this Mansion it is a good time to be assertive.  When we are courageous and assertive it makes us powerful beyond measure.  It demands respect and builds strength of character.  It is a good time to get rid of all unwanted things.  Throw out all the old stuff and clothes that are no longer needed.  Put an end to bad habits and energy patterns that are no longer useful.   You may be called on to be the mediator between two parties who disagree.  You will have to take the scorpion by the claw, tell it as it is, address issues by the name and point out what is wrong and what is right.  Today is also a good day for legal and medical advice. It is time to step up to your life's purpose without delay, hesitation or compromise. If you don't know your purpose, follow your passion, it will lead you straight to your life's purpose. Today is also a good day for L O V E, romance, flowers, chocolates, champagne, sushi and whatever it takes to spoil yourself. A good day to buy merchandise for later profit. 

Dark Energy: I see a bad moon rising: Double Trouble! Domestic violence, miscarriage of justice, psychotic killings! This is not a good day for travel and also warns us against violence, crime, disgrace, disease and poison.

Manifest Magic and Miracles: Work for justice, fairness, balance, harmony, courage, strength and to sort out differences between people. Do a love and romance spell and remember to include flowers, candles, champagne, chocolates, fragrance and rose quartz. Burn Camphor to form a protective smoke.

Magic in the Bible: Read out loud psalm 20 for justice; psalm 39 for courage to confront and sort out problems; psalm 91 for protection.

Friday, 3 November 2017

November Full Moon of the Celestial Whale

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The Whale Full Moon is about karmic reward, being showered with blessings and discovering the pleasure of sharing our wealth. It is a time to face the demons from the past, lay them to rest and start afresh. The ruling influence is that of Pluto and Venus. The lucky gemstone is Amethyst. The ruling number is 6 (manifestation in the material world). 6 reaches up to heaven to help manifest on earth. The number 9 is the answer down from heaven that it is done (completion). 

The Full Moon energy starts building up in the week or so preceding the Full Moon.

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This moon mansion represents the womb as the bearer of new life.
It sybolises the birthing process where one has grown out of pain and suffering and must go through the pain of  rebirth to create a new life. A time for social reform.

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The Angel of Death has a strong influence on this moon mansion.
He leads the dead to the other side.
He represents old souls and our forefathers and a time to honor them.

Marker Star: Menkar: The Celestial Whale
The receptive / the bearer / the womb.
The storehouse of goods and riches.
The Chinese calls it the Fourth Star of Yin Force.
'Bearing Star' (womb) or 'Star of Restraint' (prison).
Some sources say Botein (the Belly of Aries).
13°20 to 26°40 Aries (sidereal).  //  6° 53' - 19° 30' Taurus (tropical).

Every Celestial Mansion has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. The Whale mansion is about rhythm, perfumes, jewels and fashion. It is the womb of the mother and of mother earth (mining). The energy vibration of this galactic mansion is nurturing and mothering. However, it is also good for spending time alone in quiet contemplation in order to gain insight. It is good for art, wealth, beauty and being spontaneous and optimistic. A good time to buy beautiful things. 

Warnings during this time are against misunderstandings in romance and deep unconscious issues that may resurface. What was hidden will be exposed. Use this energy to resolve issues, safeguard your belongings and find treasure or hidden things. There is a strong warning against accidents at sea and with water. Buildings under construction may collapse. Guard against hostility, aggression, crime, terrorism and prison.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain the universal energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the sun, moon and planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.


Venus - bestows, love, beauty, wealth and an easy life.
Pluto (Yama) - control, underworld, death, transformation, endings, conclusions, hidden secrets.
Pluto is the Lord of the dead and the giver of wealth. He is the Lord of virtues, righteousness, and just rewards. Life, death and transformation. Judgement. Pray and Prosper.

Symbols: womb, point of origin, streets, mines.

1. God sent a monster whale to destroy a ship in a storm. Jonah was thrown overboard as a sacrifice to save the crew. The whale swallowed Jonah whole and spat him out after three days. The people of Nineveh then declared a 40 day fast.
2. Poseidon (Neptune) sent a monster whale to destroy the land of Aithiopia as punishment for the Queen boasting that her daughter Andromeda was more beautiful than the nymphs (Nereides). Andromeda was then chained up to be eaten by the whale as a sacrifice to save the people.
3. Joseph the dreamer was thrown into a dark pit - became psychic.
4. Being lowered into the grave and then resurrected.

Energy Vibration: returning to a calm place.

Numbers: 2, 6, 11.

What the Whale Moon Mansion means to us:
*Time for returning to a calm place. Make time to spend quietly on your own to reflect and find answers from your inner wisdom. Meditate and do yoga.  A stroll in the park or a visit to botanical gardens will sooth the soul.
*Off with the old and on with the new. It is a good time to let go of that which is no longer needed. It could mean a physical burial (funeral); destroying something that is no longer needed; demolishing old buildings; or putting an end to a bad relationship. Bury or put an end to outworn modes of operating and things that no longer serve you.
*Zen Masters believed that in order to gain something we have to sacrifice something. Spiritually this could mean fasting or giving up on something you do or eat, for example don't eat meat or fish during this time.
*This is also a good time to consult with a counselor, psychologist, psychic or adviser as they will be more empathetic with an enhanced ability to 'take in' what you are feeling.

Spell work:
Good for spell work of a deceptive nature. Also good for fashioning pentacles, amulets and yantra's. Work on self-expression and creativity. A good time to buy and sell things but avoid the sea or driving in excessive rain. Good for mining; for digging canals, dams and wells and for finding hidden treasure and lost objects. A lucky mansion to start something new and for quick money. A time for self-restraint and taking responsibility. Good for removing anger between people; reconciliation and restoring peace.

Dark Side of the Whale:
This mansion can be destructive, deceptive with dangers related to poison, burning, accidents and drowning. It can cause disgrace, disease, death, ruin, injury from or to animals, sickness or monetary loss. Hospitals and prisons also feature here. Can cause diseases of the throat and even suffocation. The widow maker. Can leave you feeling alone.

Tarot Cards that Represent this Moon Mansion:

What are Tarot Cards: They represent signs and symbols of the universe. Archetypes and symbols tha indicate universal events.

Judgement and 6 of Pentacles = Pray and Prosper.

6 of Pentacles: Just rewards, shared wealth and setting boundaries (drawing the line).

Judgement - The constellation Cetus, the Whale or Great Fish, symbolize our journey from ignorance to spiritual enlightenment. The belly of the whale is the transforming womb that casts the newly reborn soul onto the solid ground of spiritual truth. The whale also represents the material world of our mortal selves and when the whale spits us out the immortal soul comes into being. The Judgement card of the tarot depicts the rebirth of six people being resurrected from their watery graves of death and ignorance. They, like Jonah, are hearing and being tested by the Word of God, symbolized by their response to the sound of the angel’s trumpet. This can also indicate an actual birth when the baby is cast out from the womb into the world.

Life, death, transformation, rebirth, introspection, legal ruling, judgement.
 Mass prayer, reaching up to heaven for help.

30 October 2017, Pretoria, South Africa.
Black Monday: Protests and Prayers against Farm Murders in SA.
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The main meaning is that of TRANSFORMATION. Being transformed from a dwarf to a the giant that lies within. Descending into waters of our subconscious mind brings about transformation. We descend and re-emerge with that great part of the self that we lost a long time ago. It is about travelling deep within the self to discover the greatness that lies within each and everyone of us. It is also about emotions buried deep within our consciousness - the slumbering beasts we dare not let surface. The whale symbolizes nurturing, emotional depth and creativity. Those who are influenced by Cetus energy are extremely sensitive and perceptive.

People influenced by this galactic mansion are intelligent and witty and love the fine things of life, but they can also be fanatical in their beliefs, which can lead to ups and downs in life. A person born under this influence is stable, honest, artistic and knowledgeable. They are frank in their opinions and don't twist the truth to please others. They are career minded and capable of rising to positions of authority. They are the first ones to try new things. Social reformers, activists and philosophers are prominent here. 
On the negative side they can be moody, reckless, cruel, ungrateful and like to gossip. They may suffer from a fear of water.  They suffer struggles, restraint and obstacles in life. Because the womb is so confining, they may suffer because of feeling restricted or confined. This may result in them feeling resentful and jealous of the good fortune of others. They may oppress others, or become freedom fighters.
Their fascination with death may lead them to becoming morticians. They can be fanatical and intolerant of others who have different opinions. Sexually they can be excessive and indulgent. Their inner struggles lead to transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

The powerful Celestial Whale galaxy falls under Aries which is ruled by Mars. It can be harsh in that it determines what deserves to be cultivated and preserved. This galaxy is concerned with the energy we use to maintain ourselves in the material world. This galaxy is also ruled by the angel of death which makes it formidable and fierce. Things can really heat up under its influence. This galaxy takes away that which has reached its term of life to a new condition and that which is not meant for this world.  It indicates the movement of the soul away from the body. It conveys ideas pertaining to discipline and self-control. It is about being faithful,  firm, enduring, supporting, maintaining, nourishing and virtuous. This galaxy carries the negative influences of crime, murders, terrorism, etc. This mansion carries the energies of Pluto. It is about self-restrain and transformation. It is about the pain, obstacles and struggles we have to go through on our road to self-actualization or self-realization. Like Pluto it holds the mystery of life and death.  This is "the waters that carry things away". This refers to all the passage of souls to the other side when they die. This energy leads the dead to the other side. The energy of this galaxy can bring disgrace, trouble with legacies, and dishonor.

You may find that all the Celestial Mansions affect your life in one way or another, but it will affect each person's life in a different way depending on where it falls in your birth chart.


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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Libra New Moon (sidereal): Angels and Ancestors

Diwali; ArcAngels; All Saints; All Souls; Halloween; Diwali; Guy Fawkes.

Libra's Archway is a symbol of new beginnings; the Celtic New Year; and moving through the darkness into the light.

Cutting away ignorance, cutting through the fog and the veil. Triumph of light over darkness, triumph of life over death; triumph of good over evil. Finding yourself and finding the Source. Off with the old and on with the new. Giving precedes receiving. Fast and pray for peace and prosperity. 

Libra rules the Twilight Zone as this is where the Sun sets. So it is neither day nor night. Libra rules the masses, partnerships, relationships, sex, beauty, balance, justice, society, dealing with people, the marketplace and making money.

Marker Star: Arcturus - BootisStar of ArcAngels, Power, Prosperity, Position, Lust.

Ruled by: This Galaxy is ruled by the Dragon's Head (Rahu) that likes to amplify things, making it bigger and better. Rahu amplifies things for material gain. North Node is also lustful for love, sex, money and power.

Guardians: Vayu (wind, air, breath that sustains life) and Saraswati (wisdom and art).
Arcturian Guardians are ruled by the Archangels Michael (fighter, protector), Gabriel (air / wind / messenger), Raphael (healer).

Guarded by: Knights of the Round Table - strong, assertive and with purity as their quest. This is the galaxy of  'The Sword in the Stone'.

Rules: communication and the marketplace.

Arcturus: is an extremely favorable mansion as it rules advanced techniques in medicine, physics, marketing, architecture, archetypes and spiritual knowledge.This is the mansion of  movers, shakers and trend-setters of the world. Arcturus gives a sharp mind, high energy and financial gain. Arcturus is the gateway to greater things and higher consciousness. 

Symbols: sword (injections, knives), spikes of Spica, bear, shepherd, green growing plant, pearls.

Energy vibrated: Inspired by the 'Will' to achieve. The sword symbolizes cutting away ignorance, injections, operations, sexual-potency, self-sufficiency, discovering the Source and who you really are.  Guard against accidents, especially with sharp objects. Another warning is to stay away from alcohol as it is likely to cause trouble, danger and even death in this mansion. Time to make things happen and experience a break-through. Good energy for planning ahead for long term rewards. Seek council from a wise and inspiring psychologist / psychic / mystic / guru / witch / wizard.

Bootes gave some shepherds wine that he got from Dionysos. They killed him because they got drunk from the 'magic brew'. His daughter and two dogs were grief stricken and killed themselves. Jupiter placed them together in heaven. Bootes is also known as the bear keeper. 

Bootes is the wise old man or sage who is interested in principles and underlying causes; theories; ideologies; and how they affect us. Designers, architects, draftsmen and economists. People under the influence of Arcturus are the movers and shakers of the world. Those who rule, guard, set the pace and make the world go round. It guides kings, presidents, billionaires and leaders. It favors jobs that requires planning. It's Guardians are the Archangels (Michael, Gabriel, Raphael) and the Knights of the Round Table. Words connected to this mansion Arc, Archetypes, Archangels, Archbishops, Archives, Architect, etc.

Arcturus is about knives and cutting. This can include anything from operations to cutting away ignorance. Knives, boots, dogs, bears, partying, gatherings and business deals may be important. It is about finding out who we truly are and about communicating with a Higher Source and asking the Archangels for assistance. Visualize your favorite Knight of the Round Table bringing you what you ask for.

Step into Magic:
Use this time to advance your career and to cultivate the help of others to open new opportunities and advance yourself. Prayer, Meditation and Fasting will bring powerful results.

Money Magic: Be unique, original and imaginative with your money making ideas. Be adventurous and don't fear change. Hard work will bring just rewards.

Step into Magic: See projects through to the end. There is a magical power in persistence. Follow your heart's desire but know right from wrong. Put on your Dorothy slippers and be creative. The best works of art are delivered in a meditative trance-like state. Create magic love and money potions. Do spells for beauty and money. Send out healing rays to those who need it. This energy is also about fumigation and getting rid of unwanted elements. Space clearing and house cleaning during this time is very important.

Different Perspectives:

If twenty people witness an accident, each one of them will give a different account of what they saw. And guess what...all of them are right. They just saw it from a different perspective. Most religions celebrate 31 October for one reason or another. They all know it is a special night, just for different reasons. This same concept goes for religious believes. We all believe in Source or the Holy Spirit, we just see it from different perspectives. Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Ganesha, Isis, Lakshmi, etc all exit in the collective unconscious. Whenever I enter a holy place, be it a church or temple, I pray to all that is holy in my presence. People who believe in religious division are divided within themselves and hurt not only themselves but are potentially harmful to those around them. Be spiritual and tolerant towards all religions. Religion divides. Spirituality unites.

The Orionids Meteor Shower is active during this time.

Halloween; All Souls (remembering departed loved ones); All Saints Day; Diwali; Guy Fawkes - all these celebrations occur when the sun and moon is in Libra's Archway and especially when the Sun and the Moon are conjunct (lie together, new moon). At this time the Orionids meteor shower (shooting stars) are also active. When the Sun travels through this Galaxy, the veil between the material world and the other side (where departed souls go) is thin. The vortex is open to communicate with Angels and Ancestors. This is also an auspicious time to make a wish, visit a psychic and start new ventures.

Halloween (31 October):
*Halloween is also known as 'All-Hallows-Eve'.
*Halloween (Samhain) is a time when the door to the Other-world opens enough for us to communicate with angels, fairies, saints and ancestors.
*This day is also auspicious for making a wish, and having your fortune read.
*Children go around to people's homes and threaten to play a trick on them unless they are given sweets, trick-or-treat. Halloween is also celebrated by attending costume parties, lighting bon-fires and telling scary stories.

Dictionary meaning of Hallow: to make holy; to sanctify; to bless and consecrate.
Dictionary meaning of een - to receive benefits from.

All-Hallows-Eve / All Souls Day (31 October): 
*The night before All-Saints-Day.
*A time to remember departed loved ones.
*At this time the veil is thin between this world and the other side and therefore this is a good time to remember and communicate with departed loved ones.
*Halloween or All-Hallows-Eve is a day to fast and ask for angelic and ancestral assistance.
*On All-Hallows-Eve, homeless people would go around to the houses and beg for food.

All Saints (Old Souls) day - 1 November:
This means we should pray and ask the Saints, the Arch Angels and our Ancestors for assistance and guidance. A day to remember those that have passed on to the other side. The patron saint for 1 November is the Saint of Love, St Valentine.

Diwali Festival of Lights (Sun in Arcturus - New Moon in or near Arcturus)
Like Halloween and Guy Fawkes day it is a time to burn candles, display flowers, dress up in fancy new clothes and hand out sweets and gifts. It is a celebration of life over death; and light over darkness. The main spiritual meaning is to let your inner light shine. It also signifies the end of a cycle and the start of a new cycle. These festivals (Diwali, Halloween & Guy Fawkes) celebrate the victory of good over evil and of knowledge over ignorance. This is an excellent time for new beginnings, to communicate with angels and departed loved ones. This is a time that brings peace and prosperity to those who honor it.

Abundantia: Honour the Angels and Ancestors for Abundance.

Arcturus is also the Galaxy of Wizards and Witches

*The true meaning of Witch / Wizard is 'the wise one'. They have access to the unknown.

*Witches / Wizards, honor nature and its cycles and are spiritual. In other words, honor and respect all religious figures, because if it exists in the mind or the collective unconscious, then it exists. I love animals and among my furry children are five dogs, four cats, fish and hundreds of birds that I feed daily. Animals are angels in disguise. Abstain from eating meat on this day.

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Monday, 9 October 2017

Orionids: Stardust from the Horn of Plenty

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Star Light Star bright,
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have the wish I wish tonight.

The present Stardust, Orionids, comes from the area of the horn of the unicorn between Orion and Gemini at about 5 degrees Cancer. The Orionids Meteor Shower, is a result of Halley's comet and will peak on 21 October.  The Orionids Meteor Shower is active the whole of October.

Orion was a well-built, handsome, virile and good-looking hunter. Everyone fell in love with him. Both Artemis and her brother Apollo were in love with him. Jealousy caused Apollo to trick his sister into killing Orion. Artemis was an excellent archer, so Apollo asked her if she could hit a dot swimming in the ocean. Apollo knew that Artemis couldn't see that it was Orion. If he couldn't have him, no one should. Zeus put the hunter in the sky among the stars for all to admire his strength and bravery. Everyone wants to tap into Orion's awesome energy! For this reason pyramids were build to align with Orion. Orion  inspires those who are warriors at heart, body builders and gentle giants.

The Orionids Meteor Shower is from the Unicorn's Golden Horn of plenty by the elbow of Orion. The Unicorn was Orion's horse and Sirius and Procyon his two loyal dogs.

The Unicorn was so busy frolicking around that he forgot to get onto Noah's Arc. His presence in the sky is there to remind us to love animals and take good care of them. He reminds us of the existence of parallel universes and that magic comes to those who think golden, happy thoughts. When his horns spews stardust, magic and miracles come to those whose hearts and minds are pure.

Parallel worlds or multi-verse is the theory that other worlds or realities exist where our lives have different outcomes. Einstein and others came up with this in their black hole / white hole theory. In 1954, Hugh Everett a Princeton University doctorate, came up with his Many-Worlds Theory as an explanation to why quantum matter behave erratically. Quantum Astrology supports this theory.

Cosmic activity near Monoceros brings good fortune and creative imagination. It increases intuition and is therefore good for psychic readings and to trust your own gut feeling and dreams. It brings out writing and artistic skills and warns against injuries to the feet or legs.

When you wish upon a star, makes no difference who you are, anything your heart desires will come to you (Disney Movie Song).

The Monoceros (Unicorn) loves playing with his dogs Canis Major (Sirius) and Canis Minor (Procyon). The Unicorn is a symbol of magic and miracles and is the totem animal of psychics. He is playful and fun loving, until you push his horn in which case he gets aggressive and pushy.

Orionids also honors the Patron Saint of Animals, St Francis of Assissi (4 October), which is very appropriate since it is also close to the marker star Sirius. Sirius is the Dog Star and the Sun of the Sun. Sirius is the prime sun of our solar system.

Spell dog backwards and what do you get, 'God'.
When God named all the animals he had a loyal little animal friend that walked by his side all the time. After all the animals were named God's loyal animal friend asked him what will he be named. God said that since you have been by my side all this time, you will have my name backwards.

Honor and be kind to animals, so that the celestial animal spirits will guard, guide and bless you. What have you done for an animal today?!

Negative effects of Orionids: The Orionid Meteor shower can bring about heat, pestilence, sterility of the earth, wars, winds, earthquakes and floods.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain the universal energies, so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement of cosmic energies. I put pictures of this and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Matryoshka (Daruma) Dolls Represent the Virgo Constellation

photo taken by Crystal Kriel

photo taken by jadesmagic 5/10/17

Matryoshka Dolls are inspired by Japanese Daruma (Dharma) Dolls. 7 dolls fit into each other. These dolls are modeled on the founder of Zen Buddhism, and symbolize prosperity and good luck. Matryoshka Dolls represent the Mother and her children.

The Chinese city of Manzhouli houses a large Matryoshka Doll.

Monday, 2 October 2017

October Full Moon of the Lord of Power

This Full Moon visits the Alrisha Celestial Mansion. This mansion is mystical, intuitive, secretive, sensual and sexual. Foreigners, foreign items or places may become lucky and important now. Someone returning from overseas.

Tarot Card for the Alrisha Celestial Mansion is the 3 of Wands (the Lord / Law of Power):

This man holds a position of power. He has strong will-power. He is confident, courageous and optimistic. He knows the keys to power: strength, wisdom, creativeness and being secretive. He is the master of his own destiny, stands out above the rest and makes good decisions. He is waiting for his ship to come in or for someone to return from overseas. Negatively this card can mean misinformation and coming down from your pedestal. (Vegas shooting came down from high building - 1/10/17).

Ikenga, African horned god of power, achievement and success rules this Mansion. He bestows his followers with blessings, wealth and abundance. In Greek mythology he is Pan, horned god of the forest and fertility. The Patron Saint is Saint Erotis. 

The Alrisha Full Moon gives increased income, happiness, abundance and safe travel. This moon brings protection, fortune, wealth, power and passion. To receive these blessings fast for the day or eat only vegetables as this is the mansion of the angels, saints, ascended masters and gods who protect animals and especially goats and wild life.

Alrisha is a prosperous Celestial Mansion. It is the knot that ties the 2 fish in the Pisces Constellation.

Every celestial mansion vibrates its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. 

Advantages of Alrisha: now is the time to attract prosperity by serving others. An excellent money making time. Focus on physical fitness. This is also a good time to visit a spiritual retreat; start a spiritual journey; fast and spring-clean.Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear yellow (Thursday) and be secretive for self-empowerment. A very fortunate time for aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability. We may encounter sudden and dramatic weather changes. A good time to work with children and small animals. This Moon is creative, intuitive, sociable and nurturing.

Warnings at this time, are against giving too much of yourself to the point where you feel drained. Guard your teeth and intestines by being extra careful with what you ingest. Should this moon be negatively aspected it urges us to increase safety and security to preserve property. (Vegas shooting indicates a lack of safety and security 1 October 2017).

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain the energies that vibrate, so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the sun and the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

Marker Star: Alrisha: 16°40 Pisces to 0°00 Aries (sidereal)  // 11°40' - 23°00' Aries (tropical).
Symbol: 2 Fishes, the knot that ties together the 2 fish; tying the knot. A drum, bridge and rainbow.
Ruled by: Mercury and Jupiter.
Energy Vibrated: Prosperous, protector, nourishing, altruism and intuition.
Numbers: 27 and 9
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Fish Influence:
Pisces rules meditation, prayer, psychic ability and attaining wealth. On the negative side sleep, drugs or alcohol may be used to induce a trance like state that will allow us to escape from reality. Dreamy and nostalgic, we may be very impressionable right now. The moon (or any planet) here causes one to be more spiritual, intuitive, sensitive and compassionate.

The Shepherd - protector of herds and wealth.

The Shining One, the Sun. The Christ Light within.The white shining light.

Legend: Venus and her son Cupid jumped into the river to escape from a demon. They were saved from drowning by two fishes, who were then placed in heaven as a reward from Venus.  This moon mansion promotes a love of the sea, ships and water.

Angel Message: Miracles rush to you when you vibrate positive loving energy. Give service to others in a way that brings you great pleasure and enjoyment. Focus on serving others and everything will be given you.

Step into Magic: Burn a yellow or gold candle for money. Visualize the future. Work on communication skills and self-improvement.

Gemstone: Amethyst.

Alrishas: These people are lucky. They plan short-term and may swing from one social encounter to another with ease. May change jobs frequently. They like to rescue animals and little children so may be in jobs concerning animals and little children. They may immigrate to foreign countries. They like the good things in life and are in harmony with animals. These people are sweet, caring, responsible and like to take care of others. They make good nurses and doctors. They are sociable and love humanity and society. They are protective and nourishing of others. They are spiritual, artistic and creative and devoted to their loved ones. Disappointments in their early life creates compassion and forgiveness for others. They reap karmic rewards for their caring actions.

People under its influence go out of their way to sacrifice themselves for others.

Vibrates to the numbers 3, 9 and 39. To find out if you are under the influence of Alrisha, find out if the sun, moon, vertex or other planets were in this Mansion at your birth. You may find that all the Celestial Mansions affect your life in one way or another, but it will affect each person's life in a different way. Who or what you will sacrifice yourself for, depends on how it was positioned and aspected on the day you were born. You are born into a certain energy vibration and then your life repeats the patterns of those energies. However, the earth is a dimension of free will and choice and we can choose to create another reality for ourselves.

Lunar Zodiac: Earth is surrounded by the Zodiac band of 360 degrees.  The zodiac band is divided into 27 sections (mansions or constellations) of 13.2...degrees.  Whenever a planet moves through these mansions they radiate the energy of the particular mansion they are visiting.  These energy vibrations influence us on a subconscious level.  The Moon completes its wobbly trajectory around the earth in 27.32 days (a sidereal month).  The moon moves about 13.2... degrees into the next mansion each day.  The Moon is the closest planet (satellite) to earth and exerts the most energy on us (evident in the tides of the ocean).  Each individual will experience the daily energy in a different way as we are all unique.  For example if the energy involves travelling, one person might travel to another country while another may just travel a bit more than usual.  Pathological behaviour has been attributed to the moon, thus the term luna-tic.  Instead of reacting to this energy, it can be harnessed to benefit us in a positive way.  Take note of how the moon affects your energy and manifestations, and use it to your advantage.  Each of these 27 (2 + 7 = 9) mansion are divided into 4 quadrants. 27 x 4 gives 108 prayer beads. 108 Holy Names, 108 prayers, 108 repititions. 108 = 1 + 8 = 9 the powerful and magic number. Add any multiple of 9 and you will still get 9.

Contact me via email to find out how the stars influence you -
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Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Corvus and Crater: 27 September to 10 October

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Corvus & Crater: The Witch and the Crow: Red Bird and Ring of Fire.
Symbolism: Hand grasping power, money and knowledge.

Every Celestial Mansion has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions.

This mansion is about hard work, trade and travel. The warning is to guard against colds and flu. Demanding people may test your patience. Guard against over-indulging.

Under the wings of the Celestial Virgin (Virgo): Power, Status, Money.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence her. I put pictures of her path and what it symbolizes for all to follow and enjoy.

Symbols: Working Hands, Hand that rocks the cradle. Gatherer of Grapes and the Harvest, branch that comes, bird, sun's rays. The Chinese and Africans see it as a Red Bird (Rooster) and a golden cup (Corvus and Crater). The Winged Bird can bring unexpected news and visitors.

Marker Stars: Corvus & Crater:  10°00 - 23°20 Virgo (sidereal) / 04° - 17°14 Libra (tropical).
Tarot Card: 2 of Swords: Lord of Peace Restored.

Feed the Birds...Feed your Dreams !

The Moon in Corvus and Crater has a sexual undertone. The cup represents the female reproductive organ and the Crow represents the male sexual organs. The snake symbolises the seduction and the sexual act.

Ruler:  Moon and the Sun - Sun's Rays (stimulating & creating life).
Vibrates to: Trade and Travel. Power, Money and knowledge.

This Celestial Mansion is about hard work and financial gains. Grasping power, both in acquiring money and knowledge.  It urges us to put shoulder to the wheel and work. It is a favorable time for business, sales, learning, medicine, architecture, art and religion. Be in touch with your softer feminine side. A good time for house cleaning. Not a time for gambling. This Mansion gives the ability to achieve our goals in a complete and immediate manner. A very sexual mansion.

Light side: merchants, painters, handsome, religious, active, resourceful, medical, jewels, sex. Great for organizing things, for research, and finding the hidden nature of things. It gives benevolence, gains, voyages, harvests and freedom.

Dark side: thieves, liars, con-artists, shameless, merciless, deal in large animals, drunkards, sarcasm, polemics, inquiries. This Mansion is sometimes referred to as the widow maker as it could mark the death of ones partner. Deaths in this mansion will be dramatic, newsworthy and leave the bereaved feeling resentment because of murder or disasters. Warning against colds and flue.

Savitar, the Sun God, has the ability to manifest what we are seeking and place it in our hands. He gives life, and assists in childbirth. Savitar is "golden handed" everything he touches turns to light.

Crater (cup)- positive - honors, riches, ambition, fertility, female reproductive organs.
             negative - drinking, prostitution, adultery, dealings under the table.
Corvus - Algorab  (bird / hand) - positive - angels, guardians, birds, good news, travel / fly.
             negative - scavenging, lies, suicide, greed injuries.

Numbers: 13, 31, 39

Sun moves through this Celestial Mansion from 27 September to 10 October.

Sun 27 September: 10 Virgo (sidereal) / 4 Libra (tropical).

Sun 28 September: 11 Virgo (sidereal) / 5 Libra (tropical).

Sun 29 September: 12 Virgo (sidereal) / 6 Libra (tropical).

Sun 30 September: 13 Virgo (sidereal) / 7 Libra (tropical).

Sun 1 October: 14 Virgo (sidereal) / 8 Libra (tropical).

Sun 2 October: 15 Virgo (sidereal) / 9 Libra (tropical).

Sun 3 October: 16 Virgo (sidereal) / 10 Libra (tropical).

Sun 4 October: 17 Virgo (sidereal) / 11 Libra (tropical). 
St Francis of Assisi

Sun 5 October: 18 Virgo (sidereal) / 12 Libra (tropical). 

Sun 6 October: 19 Virgo (sidereal) / 13 Libra (tropical).

Sun 7 October: 20 Virgo (sidereal) / 14 Libra (tropical).

Sun 8 October: 21 Virgo (sidereal) / 15 Libra (tropical).

Sun 9 October: 22 Virgo (sidereal) / 16 Libra (tropical).

Sun 10 October: 23 Virgo (sidereal) / 17 Libra (tropical).

People born under Corvus and Crater:
These people are skillful with their hands, good at craftsmanship and the arts, healers and massage. They are clever, witty, entertaining and humorous, and are good speakers and communicators. Their early life may be subject to hardship and restraints. They like routine and security. They can also be grasping and possessive. People under its influence may be well-known and wealthy. They make good diplomats as they know how to win people over. They can be trusted to carry out responsibilities assigned to them through their all round knowledge and efforts. They are creative and work well with their hands. They are good at organizing and managing things. They excel at jobs involving travel. They are inclined to suffer from sinusitis, coughs, colds and asthma. Overindulgence may lead to high blood pressure and heart ailments. Talented, wealthy, materialistic, fluent speakers, quarrelsome but with a sacrificing tendency. There is an innate desire to be helpful and serve, as in a counseling profession. They are highly intelligent, attracted to mysticism, possibly palmistry being their specialty.

They can be a comedian with their great clever wit, and good sense of humor. They are entertaining and good speakers. The hand symbolizes the ability to grasp ideas, and hold on to things material or spiritual. Sometimes it is hard for them to let go.

Negative - The crafty hand can indicate a thief, as well as a pickpocket, for they may be plagued by poverty or lack of success, until they focus on the spiritual path.

There are five stars representing the five fingers on the hand. Algorab is a double star situated in Corvus on the right wing of the crow. This star brings business success, charm, but eventual fall from favor.

Step into Today's Magic:
Work towards increased business profits and for safe travelling.  Write 9 wishes on a piece of paper and burn it. As the smoke travels up to the sky, so will your wishes travel up to the angels.  Alternatively write your wishes on helium colorful balloons and send it up into the sky.  Today is also a good day to try alternative methods of healing.
Gayatri Mantra - Aligns your mind with the Divine Vibration of Healing for metabolic adjustment, enhanced energy and new states of consciousness.

Angel Messages: 'See I will not forget you...I have carved you on the palm of my hand.  Isaiah 49:15
Put your hand in the hand of the Man who stilled the water.

Ascended Masters:  Virgin Mother Mary (Ma-Ray) - the blue light lady - bringer of miracles.
Hail Mother Full of Grace, the Lord (law) is with you. Blessed are you among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Ma-Ray, Mother of God, pray for us now and in the our of our need.

When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.
Let it be, let it be.
Whisper words of wisdom, let it be.

And when the broken hearted people
Living in the world agree,
There will be an answer, let it be.
For though they may be parted there is
Still a chance that they will see
There will be an answer, let it be.
Let it be, let it be. Yeah
There will be an answer, let it be.
 (The Beatles)

Wear a rose quartz to overcome this Mansion's judgmental energy.

                                                        Pacific Ring of Fire

Note the similarity between Crater and the Pacific Ring of Fire - Earthquakes happen when planets touch here. Fire-works, electrical problems, power station explosions, fire, etc.