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Thursday, 14 July 2016

World Tarot Card Interpretation

This card symbolizes the planet Saturn as Nataraja (Yu), the Cosmic Dancer, and the rhythmic movement of the universe. The World card reminds us that when we move with the beat of the universal energies that prevail, we will have success. Saturn rules time and space. Live a disciplined and orderly life. Plan, keep a diary and set goals and boundaries. Make rules for yourself and live according to them. A good example would be exercise and diet. Plan when and how long you will exercise each day and eat at set times only. Planning and repeated effort lead to just rewards, success, recognition and even fame. 'We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit' Aristotle.

Saturn has a strong affinity with the number eight or the eternity (Hey) sign, symbolized by the purple material wrapped around the dancer and the red string in the wreath. Number eight is the rhythm of the universe. This is reverberated in Psalm 8, that is read repeatedly for success, recognition and fame.

Feng Shui (creating balance, harmony and order) is based on Saturn's principles and numerical square (yantra). Saturn's job is to bring us down to earth and to realize our limitations. Saturn gives us a reality check and brings us down to earth. Saturn rules time and space. Because of the rings around Saturn it rules rings (wedding ring binds you to one person); wheels and anything round or going around in circles. Also karma (law of come-back) and history repeats itself. Saturn also rules the head, skin and bone structure. When this card appears with a negative card such as the Tower, Devil or 9 of Swords, it could be a warning to watch your step and stay in familiar places in order to avoid injury. (Nice France attack 14 July 2016).

                                            SATURN YANTRA (Lo Shu Magic Square)

The World is made of energy. This energy can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed. This energy is available to all of us. The miracle of being human is that we can draw from this unlimited energy to change ourselves and our surroundings. Intention is the beginning of transformation.

Usually in a reading, the first thing that comes to mind when a client draws the world card is travel, When this card comes up with the '8 of wands' an airplane trip is likely. When the world comes up with the '6 of swords' it could mean an overseas trip.  The World card predicts happy times, success and well-being.

I chose to analyse the World card as it resonates strongly with today's energy. Find your balance and complete what you have started. Your efforts will be rewarded and a feeling of peace and well-being will ensue. Set goals and enter your promised land, under grace and in a perfect way!

'World' associations: Feeling on top of the world; having the world at your feet; the world wide web; world news; on stage; dancing; travel around the world; earth.

The secret to reading the Tarot lies in combining cards. For Tarot lessons contact Jade Fortune
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Sunday, 26 June 2016

July predictions

Greetings My Loves and Welcome to the Enchanted month of July,

July is the month ruled by the powerful and lucky number 7. There are 7 days in a week, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 visible planets, 7 main chakras, 7 musical notes, and 7 year cycles. The Bible story that best illustrates this is when Joseph the Dreamer, interprets the  Pharoah's dream of the 7 fat cows and 7 thin cows eating them, as 7 prosperous years, followed by 7 years of famine.  7 gives us a glimpse of the divine.

Ruled by Neptune and the deep waters of the subconscious mind, makes this a month steeped in heightened mysticism. Sensitivity, psychic visions and dreams are enhanced. Neptune is the planet of spiritual and psychic enlightenment. Mystical experiences come easily. Therefore this is the perfect month to contact me for an in-depth reading. This is also a great month for having a powerful spell cast to manifest your dearest wish. Hypnosis and altered states of consciousness will be highly beneficial as we will tend to be more open to suggestions and subliminal messages, which will bring about powerful results.  Shapeshift (transform) into a new and improved you. Redefine yourself and your goals and cast your spell for quick manifestation.  Indulge in the powerful gift of creative visualization and guided meditation. I can help you with this, call now to ensure your booking.

The first ten days of July is ruled by the Angel of Abundance and by Mercury, the Merchant. Marketing and Trade will bring excellent results. This period is also ruled by the three fates (fate). An excellent time to have a reading about your future in order to empower yourself and make informed decisions. I am available for readings from eight till late. 083 393 2544.

The New moon on the 4th of July, is ruled by the Angel of Storms. Therefore we can expect stormy weather and situations and maybe even a few tears. However this is also a good time to do power spells for love, friendship and networking.

Both Neptune and Mercury are party animals! July will bring many opportunities to celebrate your success and good fortune. Moderation is the key to maintaining good health.

Mars, the War Monger, finally turns direct putting our collective energy back on track.

Creativity, visionary ideas, money making, animal rights and psychic awareness will put us in touch with the desire for an ideal world.

In honor of my ruling planet, each client will receive a free good luck charm with every reading as well as a free spell of your choice. (Neptune on IC and 12/12)

See you soon ! Bring a friend for discounted readings.

Jade Fortune

Sunday, 12 June 2016

June: Love & Light

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Greetings My Loves,

June is ruled by Juno (Venus / Lakshmi), goddess of beauty, abundance, love, marriage and childbirth. June vibrates to the number 6 and the planet Venus. Venus rules creation (6 days of creation). The 6-pointed star (of David), represents union of humanity and the Divine. Creativity, art, dance, beauty, love, peace art, angels, mentors and service. Align with the magical qualities of this month by visiting your famed psychic, Jade. Place your wishes in a wish jar, dance to your favorite music and cast your magic spell for love and abundance.

Lucky colors: White and light green.
Lucky numbers: 6; 15;24

Magic is afoot on the 20th when the full moon aligns with the center of the universe, so make full use of the big bang by making a big bonfire. Write your wish on red paper and burn in the fire ! 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

May Magic and Mother's Day

Greetings my Loves

Welcome to the colorful month of May, the time for honoring your mother. The reason for this is that the May new moon falls in the celestial mansion of 'the womb', whilst the full moon falls on being 'separated from the mother and finding your way back to her Lotus feet'.
For this reason 'Mother's Day' occurs in May !

May vibrates to the number 5 and the planet Mercury. Mercury rules the marketplace, merchants, mercantile, messages (phones, internet), magic and miracles. Five is also the number of movement, money, change, travel, numerology and knowledge.


Lucky color: Green
Lucky numbers: 5; 14; 23.

The first 10 days of May are ruled by Venus and the 'mother's womb', a place of safety, security and hidden treasures. When we leave the mothers womb, we find ourselves in waters that carry us away. In order to find our way back to a place of safety and security, we have to seek and embrace the virtues of self-control, delayed gratification and perfect timing. The blessings we receive are marital bliss, happiness, peace and prosperity. The Angels of Prosperity, Power and Wealth are in charge here. They urge us to discover the joy of charitable giving. Through giving we receive and our dreams become a reality. On the 1st of May is Beltane. This celebration is planetary based. The sun lies between the phallic symbol and the womb in Aries. It is a colorful celebration of love and fertility. The New Moon on 6 May radiates the energy for finding treasure, gaining favor, reconciling and taking on new responsibilities. Mother's Day is on the 8th of May. On the 9th Mercury will pass directly across the Sun (occultation) giving us flashes of creative inspiration and a feeling of happiness. For the next few months Jupiter, bringer of Luck and Good Fortune, will throw a few favors our way. Make good use of new ideas and opportunities that may present itself.

From 11 to 20 May, the planet Saturn forces us to learn about commitment, endurance, self-discipline, self-control and delayed gratification. We value things more if we have to wait for them. Self-restraint and endurance can be accomplished through moderate fasting, eg one small vegetarian meal a day. Saturn also teaches us about detachment and desensitization through obstacles, worries and enemies. This is a time for practical magic in the office, garden and kitchen. Hard work will bring great financial rewards. Venus and Mercury join forces on Friday the 13th, bewitching the day with love, sex and magic. 

From 21 to 31 May is a time to re-assess your progress and set new goals. We now experience the crippling effect of too much of a good thing (over-indulgence) if we fail to practice self-restraint during the month of May. The Full Moon on 21 May, is strongly influenced by the 'Wandering Star' (travel and change). This falls in the Celestial Mansion of being separated from the mother and finding our way back to her 'Lotus Feet' in order to gain wisdom, maturity and marital bliss. This is also the celestial mansion of the arrows of love, speeding things up, foreigners, travelling and the world wide web. A time for love, sex and magic. This theme of 'Love, Sex & Magic' is emphasized by singers who have their birthday this month, such as Cher (give up resisting one by one); Joe Cocker (you can leave your hat on) and Enrique Iglesias (don't turn off the light). 

Vesak is observed during this full moon in the Indian month of Veshaka (May). Vesak is a celebration of the Buddha (a state of enlightenment / wisdom). It is also about balance, moderation, desensitization, detachment and pure unconditional love.

The month of May is a time to practice self-discipline and giving and receiving. It is the month to honor your mother and seek deeper self-knowledge in order to receive blessings, conquer the material world and find meaning to life. 

                                                 Fasting in Moderation is the key!  

Hamal is the head and horns (phallic) of Aries and Menkar is the Womb. 
This is also the place where we find Kuan Yin, Goddess of Mercy and Compassion.

Thursday, 21 April 2016

April Full Moon: Arcturus: Angels in Disguise

Do not be forgetful of hospitality, for through this, some have entertained angels unawares.

Moon in Libra is the time to celebrate Beltane and Hanuman. 
This Full Moon is also referred to as Pink, Red or Blood Moon.
The Sun lies between the phallic symbol of Aries and the womb of Cetus. The moon is in the house of marriage, relationships and love. It is a celebration of fertility (seeds spread by the wind), creativity and new beginnings. It is about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Male symbols. It is a celebration of love, sex, birth, rebirth and transformation. For simplicity and conformity Beltane is celebrated on 1 May. This occasion is celebrated with bright colors and dancing around the Maypole, a phallic symbol with bright flowers on top and bright ribbons around it. Colorful balloons can also be send adrift into this sky that promises new life. The time to celebrate and call on fairies, elementals, animal friends, psychics, and angels in disguise.


Hanuman: archetype of the shapeshiter with immense power and strength. He is the incarnation of Shiva, son of the wind and the mountain. He has the power to control the planets. Make a connection with this archetype on the Libra Full Moon by wearing red and fasting.  Saturn respects Hanuman. Fast today to remove obstacles and limitations imposed by Saturn. It took Hanuman 60 days (60 moons of Saturn) to learn all there is to know from the Sun, while flying backwards. Hanuman is alive and living among us. He is a shapeshifter (son of the wind). That means he can appear to you in any form. He can move mountains for you. Connect with the Archetype of Hanuman (60 feet tall) to bring love to you. Libra is governed by Venus. Saturn is exalted in Libra. Shapeshifting (bringing about divine change in your life) is made possible through self-sacrifice (fasting). Satur(n)days are good for connecting with Hanuman. There are 60 foot statues of Hanuman in Singapore, India and China. Hanuman flew to Shrilanka to fetch Sita to unite her with Rama and he moved mountains. Hanuman is powerful and blessed and can bestow the same on you. Hanuman wanted to swallow the Sun but Rahu (north-node) objected as he (Rahu) is the only one allowed to eclipse the Sun.

Another powerful deity that rules now is the Roman Goddess Cardea, keeper of doors who has the power to open and shut doors. Her main protective emblem is the Hawthorn.


Magic Work: Hang a Red Flag or Cross outside your house.
String beads or flowers for blessings and say: May the God and the Goddess and the power of the Elementals bless me now and always be with me. Offer these as gifts to friends.
Anything connected with change is favourably starred, eg moving home, loosing weight, fasting, changing hairstyles, etc. Pamper yourself and pay attention to your beauty during this time. Fast for manifestation of your hopes and dreams.  This full moon energy is also about  erotic desires. A time for love, sex and magic. The energy beckons for us to pay attention to our pets and furry friends. The symbol of the celestial mansion of Arcturus is a sword. Therefore this is a good time for operations and injections. The Sword is also about ideas and manifesting desires.
Full Moon Magic starts 3 days before the actual full moon and ends a day later.
The Celestial Mansion of Arcturus favours the occult. Seeking counsel from a psychic will be advantageous today.
The Tarot Reader
Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot

Hanuman : Invoking Great Power

Tarot Card: 5 of Cups
Transformation and Change
through denial of pleasure
(self-restraint / self-control)

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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Feng Shui in South Africa

The practice of Feng Shui is complex and involved. There are many schools of thought and variations to the art of tapping into the energies of the universe. Although Feng Shui seems to be multi-disciplinary, with each school of thought advocating their superiority over the others, I prefer to follow an interdisciplinary approach. That is, combining the different schools of thought with intuition and common sense to achieve the most effective results.  

The Saturn Talisman (time and order)  is the main tool of reference. However to fully comprehend the intrinsic world of energy flow,  a thorough knowledge is needed of the following: the I-Ching and its 64 hexagrams; 5 elements; Chinese Astrology; the 28 Moon Mansions: the 24 Star Portals (Dragon Mountains) and the power of connecting with Spirit.

For a professional Feng Shui consultation: email Jade West at:

Open your mind and change your world.

I was the first person to write an article in a magazine in South Africa on the subject of Feng Shui in the People's Magazine in 1996. Feng Shui is intrinsically linked to the movement of energy and the movement of planets.  Its aim is to enhance wellness, beauty and harmony in the world. To get in touch and in tune with these attributes, contact Jade Fortune on 
083 393 2544 or email me at 

Thursday, 7 April 2016

April New Moon: Luck, Creativity & Strength

Today the Moon visits the 27th Mansion, the prosperous Alrisha (the knot that tie the fishes) Mansion in Pisces. It brings blessings, wealth, abundance and generosity. Sun, Moon and Uranus are all visiting here, bringing unexpected inspirations, spurts of energy and surprises.

The Sun moves into the degrees of this house on 1 April.

Alrisha (Revati) in Pisces. Lakshmi Panchami - fast the week before the Hindu New Year.

Every Day has its own energy. We can use this energy to our advantage and / or to warn us against taking certain actions. For example, today is good for attracting prosperity by serving others. An excellent money making day.  Focus on physical fitness. A good day to visit a spiritual retreat; start a spiritual journey; fast; spring clean. 

Warnings today are against giving too much of yourself to the point where you feel drained. Guard against intestinal problems and tooth ache because eating something that does not agree with you. Vibrate love to attract good things into your life. Wear white, blue or turquoise for self-empowerment today. A very fortunate day today especially for aviation, astrology, visions and psychic ability. Can bring sudden and dramatic weather changes.

Positive: increase, safe travel, marital joy, collecting money, tying the knot, clenching a deal.
Negative: loss of money or freedom (captivity), being tied up.

 Sidereal (real time) Sun 16°;  Moon 20°; Uranus 18° Pisces
 Tropical (imaginary) Sun 10°; Moon 14°; Uranus 12° Aries

23 Pisces (17Aries)
Displaying Screenshot_2014-03-31-10-30-26.png

The present caretaker of this mansion is:
Uranus - sudden change and fluctuating fortune; eccentricity, risk-taking, technology, electricity; idealism; futuristic thinking; revolution; rebellion; reform. Look out for repeating patterns, synchronisities and strange coincidences to find the link.

I aim to live magically, and invite you to join me on my journey as I explore and explain these energies so that we can move with the rhythm of nature for our ultimate benefit and gain. In my quest I track the daily movement and energy of the moon and the planets that influence earth. I put pictures of the moon's path and what it symbolises for all to follow and enjoy.

Marker Star: Alrischa
Symbol: 2 Fishes, the knot that ties together the 2 fish; tying the knot. A drum, bridge and rainbow.
Ruled by: Mercury and Jupiter.
Energy Vibrated: Prosperous, protector, nourisher, altruism and intuition.
Numbers: 27 and 9

Fish Influence:
Alrisha is a Magical Mansion, a place where Miracles and Abundance can be manifested. The Alrisha Mansion rules spirituality and serving others. Psychic powers are sharpened. Spiritualists, mystics, counselors, social workers and caregivers are all favorably starred. Good for communication and being articulate as it is ruled by Mercury. Stay focused as Mercury's influence may cause a lack of concentration. Today is good for making vows, weddings and for building houses and religious buildings.
Good for travelling, even from this world to the afterlife.

Moon in Pisces rules meditation, prayer, sleep, drugs or alcohol to induce a trance like state that will allow us to escape from reality. Dreamy and nostalgic, we may be very impressionable right now. The moon here causes one to be more spiritual, intuitive, sensitive and compassionate.

The Shepherd - protector of herds and wealth.

The Shining One, the Sun. The Christ Light within.The white shining light.

Legend: Venus and her son Cupid jumped into the river to escape from a demon. They were saved from drowning by two fishes, who were then placed in heaven as a reward from Venus.  This moon mansion promotes a love of the sea, ships and water.

Angel Message: Miracles rush to you when you vibrate positive loving energy. Give service to others in a way that brings you great pleasure and enjoyment. Focus on serving others and everything will be given you.

Step into Magic: Burn a green candle for money. Visualize the future. Work on communication skills and self-improvement.

Gemstone: Amethyst.

Rules: feet symbolic of understanding.

Alrishas: These people are lucky. They plan short-term and may swing from one social encounter to another with ease. May change jobs frequently. They like to rescue animals and little children so may be in jobs concerning animals and little children. They may immigrate to foreign countries. They like the good things in life and are in harmony with animals. These people are sweet, caring, responsible and like to take care of others. They make good nurses and doctors. They are sociable and love humanity and society, and are protective and nourishing of others. They are devoted to loved ones, spiritual, artistic and creative. Disappointments in their early life creates compassion and forgiveness for others. They reap karmic rewards for their caring actions.

People under its influence go out of their way and sacrifice themselves for others.

Vibrate to the numbers: 27 and 9. To find out if you are under the influence of Alricha, find out if the moon, vertex or other planets were in the Dragon's Mansion at your birth.  You may find that all the Star Mansions affect your life in one way or another, but it will affect each person's life in a different way. Who or what you will sacrifice yourself for depends on how it was positioned and aspected on the day you were born. You are born into a certain energy vibration and then your life repeats the patterns of those energies. However, the earth is a dimension of free will and choice and we can choose to create another reality for ourselves.

Tarot Cards:
Moon: Magic, ritual, intuition. What lies beneath.
3 of wands: Creativity and Strength.