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Sunday, 8 January 2017

January Howling Wolf Full Moon of Abundance

This full Moon (12/1/2017) falls in the Celestial Mansion of Celebrating Abundance (Castor and Pollux). Quick and easy gains are now possible. A sudden flash of success and winning .  Can bring great good fortune.

3 of Cups: Celebrating abundance.
Moon at 24 Gemini (sidereal) // 18 Cancer (tropical)
Procyon: Canis Minor

Celestial Mansion Seven: Castor & Pollux (wolf moon).
Castor: mortal: horse whisperer: Sirius.
Pollux: immortal: boxer: Procyon.
Ruled by: Mercury (Merchant) and Jupiter (luck).
Deity: Our Lady of Miracles.
Symbols: Twins, Cupid, Lovers, Swans, cats, bows and arrows, the returning arrow.
Return to Light "the two restorers of goods"; Love Conquers All.

Full Moon: good money making,  wish-come-true, favors, gains and safe travel. Celebrating good fortune and success. Business will boom.

Moon opposite Pluto - Something being destroyed and then rebuild. Transformation. Obsessive behavior. Clean out the clutter. Intense emotions. A bomb bursting. Truth revealed.

This is an extremely fortunate moon. It brings fame and wealth. Good for travel, worship, new beginnings and new insights. Issues related to dogs, animals and children. Issues regarding loyalty and what-comes-around-goes-around. Heightened senses and bad smells eg smoke, fish or pollution. Danger of fires and injuries to feet. The Galactic Mansion of the Wolf is about 'unconditional love'. 

www.constellation of

Castor and Pollux vibrate the energy of money luck. It is also about returning or recycling, because that is the way we evolve and grow. The energy is specifically about repeating prosperity and brilliance. Being, good or wealthy again.  The magical weapon that returns after completing its mission. In order to perfect something, we have to do it over and over again.

Energy Vibration: Repeating prosperity, abundance and brilliance. Healing and The Return of the Light. This beautiful and uplifting Moon Mansion highlights communication and making life changes. Rewrite your life story. Start telling a different and more uplifting story about your life, your past and your childhood. The result will bring about a dramatic and instant change for the better in your life. Use today's energy to playfully examine your own thought and verbal patterns.  This energy is all about the r's in your life: refresh, revitalize, replenish, re-do, recur, review, reappear, release, relief, renew, restore, reconcile, reunion, return, retrieve, recover, reinvent yourself. It is an excellent day for any kind of medical treatment as it is governed by the 'Healing Physicians of the Gods'. Today's energy is also good for the following: Approaching your boss, widening your social circle, increase trade and money; buying; travel; turning an enemy into a friend.

Bright side of the Gemini Moon: Good for-
-fasting (Daniel fast); meditating, praying, self-reflection;
-reinventing yourself;
-dealings with money, men, doctors and lovers;
-reunions such as the mother-and-child reunion or to reunite with a departed lover;
-healing yourself and your relationships;
-medical treatments and healing;
-moving and changing;
-travelling and exploring;
-getting rid of the old and the ugly;
-giving assholes the boot;
-getting rid of bugs;
-lighting up the room with your presence;
-"starting over again" in projects, relationships, etc.;
-starting building work;
-gardening and agriculture;
-requiring imagination & innovation;
-buying cars & homes;
-dealing with children and education;
-giving donations; 
-worship of the Divine Mother Goddess.
A time for enjoying life's simple pleasures. 

Dark side of Gemini Moon:
May have trouble concentrating. Travelling may cause stress. Not good for borrowing /lending money; legal activities or other activities requiring pushiness or conflict.
Guard against: dog bites, drowning, malevolent effects of water, terrorism, violence, opposition, hostility, extreme aggression, head banging. Storms and floods.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Bow of Sagittarius: 29 December to 10 January

Bow of Sagittarius: The Invincible Star.
Never accepts defeat.

The pulled back bow - taking aim at a target, strategy.
Supplies us with the energy needed for survival.

Hanson-Roberts Tarot

Working hard to make money to live a wealthy life and buy luxurious things. Setting high goals and achieving them. Hard working and talented. Diligent perfectionists. Competence. Expertise, Effort. In the kitchen. Nutrition and love important. Diligent. Good grades. Building and Renovating.

Bow of Sagittarius: Kaus Astralis, Kaus Medius, Kaus Borealis.
Sidereal Degrees: 13-20 to 26-40 Sagittarius.  (Tropical Degrees: 7 - 19 Capricorn)
Birthdays: 29 December to 10 January
Symbols: elephant's tusk; fan; bed, winnowing basket.

This is the Celestial Mansion of water and of animals.

Ganesha wrote the Mahabharata (Sanskrit Spiritual Book) with his left broken tusk.
Philosophical and devoted.
Wisdom, Strength, Remover of Obstacles, Luck.

The Winnowing basket - separate wheat from chaff.
Discernment and discriminating intellect.
Sift through whatever is no longer useful and what is no longer serving you 
and replace it with what makes you happy.

Venus - Water Goddess (born from water).

Divine Celestial Guardian: Aphrodite / Luxmi (Venus) born from water.
Ruling planet: Venus (love, nutrition, luxury, beauty, pleasure, procreation ).
Element: Earth
Enhanced Energy: Cleaning out and creating new fresh energy. Detoxing.
Direction: South-West.
Lucky Color: 
Lucky numbers:  Main number is 20. Judgement - rebuild.
Hanson Roberts

Gemstone: Diamond.
Metal: Lead.
Sound: Chimes, bells, Bu-dha.
Animal: Monkey.
Bird: Hen
Tree: Jungle Tree (Tinospora)
For Luck: Don't ever eat chicken and fast on Fridays.
Archer's Bow Key Words: Love, nutrition, victory.

Characteristics of those born 29 December to 10 January:
Youthful, elitist, separatist, philosophical, dignified, sophisticated, judgmental, ambitious, adventurous. Power to invigorate and energize. Inspired by setbacks to perform better and reach the top. Disciplined, persistent and hard working. Confident, unstoppable, intelligent, the undefeated.

These people are all about Love - showing love to the world; and about nutrition. They constantly pour love on situations.

Archer Bow's Song: 
To dream the impossible dream; To fight the unbeatable foe; To bear with unbearable sorrow; To run where the brave dare not go; To right the unrightable wrong; To love pure and chaste from afar; To try when your arms are too weary; To reach the unreachable star; This is my quest; To follow that star; No matter how hopeless, no matter how far; To fight for the right; Without question or pause; To be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause; And I know if I'll only be true to this glorious quest: That my heart will lie peaceful and calm; When I'm laid to my rest; And the world will be better for this; That one man, scorned and covered with scars: Still strove with his last ounce of courage; To reach the unreachable star!

Their symbol is the fan because it gives them the ability to keep their cool during 'hot' or tough times. Fanning the fire, through strong will power, sustained effort and ambition. They push harder and longer than most to reach their goals. The negative side is that they can fan up a fire of aggression. The Chinese use the fan to add beauty and glamour, and to show off. They know how to live a happy life of luxury in a glamorous way and how to show off their achievements. They do well in fields involving beauty, glamour and show business. The handheld fan is also used as a fan to hide a face or to conceal something. They can be secretive and mysterious.

Mulan displays all the characteristics of the Archer's Bow. She loves animals, has a lucky cricket and the dragon spirit of her ancestors guard her. Out of love for her sickly father she disguises herself as a boy to fight in his place. Her strong will and determination makes her mentally invincible. Despite setbacks she patiently and diligently forges ahead. She has a strong conviction in her beliefs and believes that there is nothing in this world that she cannot do. She becomes a formidable force and a harsh and cruel fighter when the circumstances demand it. Like Mulan, these people cannot bear defeat or losing out and can take extreme measures to fulfill their goals. Wounded Healer - Despite Mulan's injury, mental anguish and disgrace when she is exposed as a girl, fortune favors her and she emerges victoriously in the end - all grown up and conquering China and bringing honor to her family.

People born in the 'Archer's Bow' are fierce in nature but balanced in functioning. They make good adventurers and explorers and find treasures where others won't even bother to look.

 greatestTheir strengths are their patient persevere and their strong conviction of winning. They enjoy the thrill of the chase and delight in bringing the fiery horse to obey. But this is also their greatest weakness and their biggest cause of suffering in life. They find it hard to accept defeat and may obsessively pursue an objective even when it becomes clear to everyone that the chances of realizing them are zero. In order to be successful they need a reality check every now and again and make sure that they are not wasting their time on chasing a useless dream. 

Pepe Le Pew is an example. "Le'bebe, do you have a hobby, mine is making love'. They believe in the purity of love. He never gives up and turns every negative into a positive. He gets what he wants and goes for it and nothing others say or do can change it. He believes there is no such a thing as him not being wanted. They have remarkable drive and determination.

Gizelle (Amy Adams) in Enchanted is another example. She believes in the purity of love, and because of her conviction she makes everyone feel the happiness of love. Ruled by Venus, they love to be in love. Venus also rules beauty and money and these people are usually blessed with both.

Venus influence makes them good models, actors and movie stars. They do well in careers involving nutrition, liquids and beauty. These people are very much into nutrition and the wholesomeness of food. People born under 'The Archer's Bow' make good healers, counselors and psychics. Jupiter makes them good lawyers, public speakers, politicians, authors and go-getters. They also make good sales people because they are very convincing. They vibrate to the numbers 20.

Find out which planets fall in this part of your sidereal chart to find out how 'The Archer's Bow' influences your life.

29 December: Kaus Borealis: 13 Sagittarius (sidereal) / 7 Cap (tropical)
Spiritual, sensitive, intuitive, talented, versatile, emotional, responsible.
Mary Tyler Moore (1936); Jon Voight (1938); Jude Law (1972).
Color: Purple Haze.  Numbers 2, 11, 20, 29.

30 December: Facies Nebula in face of Archer:14 Sag / 8 Cap:
Adventurous, artist, traveler, narrator.
Tiger Woods (1975).
Color: Sunburn.   Numbers 3, 12, 30.

31 December: Alpha Scutum: 15 Sag / 9 Cap
Regal, charismatic, judgmental, insightful.
Sir Anthony Hopkins (1937); John Denver (1943); Val Kilmer (1958).
Color: Brittany Blue.  Numbers 4, 6, 7, 22, 31, 40, 366.

1 January: Globular cluster: 16 Sag / 10 Cap
Tenacious, stubborn, strong-willed, enterprising.
Pocahontas (1595), John Smith (1580).
Color: Baked Clay. Numbers: 1, 10, 100.

2 January: Nunki: 17 Sag / 11 Cap.
Responsible, kind, fair, emotional.
Cuba Gooding Jr. (1968).
Color: Toasted Nut.   Numbers 2, 11, 20.

3 January: Ascella: 18 Sag / 12 Cap.
Loyal, lovable, relentless, committed, independent.
J.R. Tolkien (1892), Mel Gibson (1956), Michael Schumacher (1969).
Color: Toast.   Numbers: 3, 12, 21.

4 January: Manubrium (ear of archer): 19 Sag / 13 Cap.
Talented, creative, structured, determined.
Louis Braille (1852), Julia Ormond (1965).
Color: Canton. Numbers: 4, 13, 22, 40.

5 January: Alpha Lyra, Vega : 20 Sag / 14 Cap.
Spiritual, expressive, determined, expressive.
Diane Keaton (1946), Marilyn Manson (1969).
Color: Nostalgia Rose.   Numbers: 5, 14, 23, 50.

6 January: Alpha Sagittarius, Rubat, the Knee : 21 Sag / 15 Cap.
Romantic, strong, hardworking, philosopher.
Joan of Arc (1412), Rowan Atkinson (1956).
Color: Apple Butter.  Numbers: 6, 24, 33, 60.

7 January: Gamma Aquila, Tarazed : 22 Sag / 16 Cap.
Reflective, organised, dependable,  intense.
Nicolas Cage (1964).
Color: Roan Rouge.  Numbers: 7, 25, 34, 70.
Orthodox Christmas - Russians, Greeks because they use the Julian calendar, not Gregorian.
Sun conjunct Pluto.
Sun: Prominence, males, creativity, recreation, speculation, children.
Pluto: Power, transformation, understanding, obsession, visualization, disasters, death.
Use this powerful energy to bring about needed change.
The truth revealed.

8 January: Beta Lyra, Sheliak, The Tortoise: 23 Sag / 17 Cap.
Charismatic, musical, grand, determined.
Elvis Presley (1935), Shirley Bassey (1937), Stephen Hawking (1942), David Bowie (1947).
Color: Canyon Rose.   Numbers: 8, 17, 35, 44.

9 January: Supernova: 24 Sag / 18 Cap.
Serious, fiery, purposeful.
Kate Middleton (1983).
Color: Earth Red.   Numbers: 9, 45, 72, 90.

10 January: SS433, Anomalous Neurtron Star: 25 Sag / 19 Cap.
Strong, stubborn, creative, realistic.
Rod Stewart (1945).
Color: Bombay Brown.  Numbers: 1, 10, 100.


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Friday, 6 January 2017

Neptune, Venus and Mars: Soulmates

Drawing by Angel Crystal Kriel.

Cast a love spell, especially on a Friday (Venus day).

Neptune, Venus and Mars are visiting the 24th celestial mansion of Healing Mind, Body and Soul.

picture taken 6/1/17

Neptune - positive - creative, romantic, psychic, spiritual, healing, water, liquids.
                 negative - alcoholism, substance abuse, selective attention, unrealistic, lies.

Venus - positive - love, beauty, money, creative.
             negative - severe weather patterns.

Mars - positive - action, passion, ambition, leadership.
            negative - anger, strife, fighting, war, fire.

24th  Celestial Mansion of Healing Water and Wishes Fulfillment: 
           positive - angels, travel, repair of structures and wishes coming true.
           negative - alcoholism, escapism, illness.

Neptune, Venus and Mars vibrate the healing energy of love. Soul Mates and Twin Flames are favorably starred. Visualize and meditate on your wishes concerning love and romance.  Be creative in your visualization.  Any wish made now is likely to come true.

Unfortunately this is also the mansion of abandoning dreams and of escapism. Alcohol or substance abuse will lead to broken relationships. Passion can turn into anger, frustration and violence.
Alleviate frustration and aggression through exercise (Mars) and abstain from alcohol (Saturn). Because the Saturn connection, Neptune can be seen as dream, lie or unrealistic. Saturn is the rude awakening. Unveiling secrets and seeing through the fog and veil. Dreams and wishes can come true if clear boundaries are set and through abstaining from alcohol and substance abuse.

Legions of Angels are available now. Ask them to protect you and your loved ones! Affirm: 'Legions of Angels surround and protect me and my loved ones'.

Doreen Virtue

Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 Horoscopes through Jade's Tarot

                                          imaged saved from

Hanson-Roberts Deck

For 2017 two cards are prominent. 'The Star' (Aquarius) and the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success). 'The Star' is a wish fulfilling card. 2017 is a year of good fortune and new hope for a more promising future. New 'Super Stars' will see the light this year. 2017 is a year for social groups and causes. Obsession with good looks will bring to life new and better cosmetic surgery and methods of staying younger for longer. This year will bring about lots of new discoveries and new futuristic inventions, especially concerning travel, speed, aviation and space travel. Emphasis will fall on education and acquiring new knowledge. Greater occult and spiritual understanding as well as astrological insight. New found interest in Astronomy and surprising new events on this front. Angels and aliens will come to light as energy portals open, which bend time and space. Astrologers, astronomers, aviation, angels, ascended masters and alien activity. The vibration of sound will feature important this year. This could include words, music, sound-waves, etc. More pregnancies and the birth of more female children. 2017 is a restless year in which people will want to travel. Success will be earned through past efforts and hard work.

Dark side: Anxiety and ill health. Flu injections are advised as viruses will be carried through unhealthy air. Diet and exercise are important to maintain a balanced life and good health. Meteorites and other objects falling from the sky. Hurricanes and earthquakes especially on the 'Ring of Fire'. Unexpected problems or sudden change regarding travel plans.

Light side: Luck for those with a genuine compassion and caring for humanity, animals and nature; and for those who want to alleviate suffering. A good year for love, romance and marriage. Major breakthrough in medicine and healing. New methods of transportation. Communicating with higher beings. 

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and  'The Fool' (eccentric revolutionary). Sudden and exciting changes continue to electrify your life. Balance work and personal life and don't push yourself too hard. Romance and travel are on the cards for you.  Be optimistic and take the risk. Your ship is about to come in.  Past efforts and hard work will bring luck and be rewarded. Success in your dearest wish. Your unconventional ways may astound others. Don't be afraid to share your secret side and to be yourself.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'Hierophant' (stability). Luck comes through commitment and stable effort. Challenges you face this year will drive you towards introspection and spiritual truths that will enlighten you. Solve problems in a rational and practical manner. Be flexible in communicating with people at work. Listen to what others have to say to gain better insight into situations. Watch your diet.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and and 'The Lovers'. Star struck lovers travelling to some romantic destiny. Luck comes through hard work, support from loved ones, travel, foreigners and the internet. Also communicating with ET or the other side. Success and money luck are on the cards for you through communication, internet and travel.  Be flexible and spontaneous to build greater rapport with people.  Watch out for problems concerning breathing and lungs.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'The Chariot'.
Luck through hard work, travel and foreigners. The only person you can control is yourself. Change the way you react to circumstances. If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. Minor irritations at work. Look after your health through diet, exercise and meditation. Wealth and an opportunity for romantic happiness and overseas travel. Pay attention to your dreams and use them to guide you. Powerful Angelic guidance is available to you now.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'Strength'.
Lady Luck is smiling at you. Travelling and foreigners will bring you luck and make you stronger in every aspect of your life. Happiness in love. 2017 will be a year of love, marriage and celebration for you.  A good time to buy or sell property. Guard against mood swings and overindulgence.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'Hermit'.  
Luck through hard work and education. Guard against stress and getting involved in quarrels. Make time for yourself. Visit a spa, psychic or counselor. Share your secrets with a trusted friend and meditate. Your intuition will grow stronger. Pay attention to your health and guard against stomach ailments and flu. 

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'The Wheel of Fortune'. Luck will fluctuate this year. A year that will bring luck if you do good deeds as it is a year of 'what comes around goes' around. Find diplomatic solutions to any problems faced at work or romance. A good partner is indicated. Nervous anxiety caused by sudden and dramatic events could upset your balance. Learn to adapt to change especially at work. Relax and have fun. Life is a journey, an adventure to be enjoyed. 

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'Death' (transformation). 2017 promises to bring you health, wealth, love and success. You are the movers and shakers of the world. 2017 is a year of transformation and enlightenment for you. Set new goals with regards to your weight, health and habits. You  have a special connection with the Angels. Call on the angels to help you break bad habits. That includes worldly pleasures and overindulgence in food, alcohol and sex. Too much of a good thing can be harmful. Moderation is the key. Learn to control sudden impulses to behave in a shocking way. You have a determined character and can achieve anything you set your mind on. Marriage is on the cards for you. You seek spiritual growth and may get involved in other cultures and religions. Your organisational abilities and charisma will magnetize people and good fortune towards you.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'The World' (Saturn). Happiness in love. Luck will come through travelling, foreigners and the internet. The World will be your oyster if you can make good use of 'time' and 'space' and learn to set boundaries for yourself and others. Practice self-control to overcome bad habits. Self-discipline makes miracles manifest. 2017 is a time for introspection and restructuring yourself on deeper levels. Redefine who you are.  Be humble, be disciplined and work hard for long term success. You are now laying the foundation for the next 30 years. Go with the flow and let go of old worn out ideas and things that are no longer needed. Take care of health through exercise and diet. Frustration, irritation, aggression and depression will be counteracted by vigorous exercise.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'Judgement' (transformation). Luck through hard work, travel and change. A fascination with mystery and spirituality. Learning to deal with endings, death and the after-life. Visualize what you want and it will manifest. Look after your own needs.  Huge personal transformation and deep emotions. Unsettling conditions on the home front.  New people, places and faces. Communicating and networking important for recognition in career. Let go of the past and de-clutter your space. A new vehicle is on the cards for you.

'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'The Empress'.
Luck through travel, foreigners, beauty and enjoyment. A pregnancy is likely.
Lots of new experiences, new ideas and new people will help you think outside the box. A time of spiritual growth. Listen to the whisper of the universe and the angels. Read the signs. Find new ways to do things. Re-organize your work. A financial windfall by the middle of the year. Deeper sexual relationships with stronger bonds. To increase your luck: fast on Saturdays, drink lots of water and keep your pool clean!
'The Star' (luck), the 'Six of Swords' (earned Success) and 'The Moon'. Luck through travel and following your intuition. Opportunities to increase your wealth and happiness. Stick to your goals. A boost in self-esteem and personal power. Hard work and study will result in greater insight and just rewards. Maintain personal boundaries or you will feel vulnerable and taken advantage of.  Intimate relationships may present problems and may require that you draw on your inner strength and spiritual beliefs. You may feel discouraged and alienated from people which will force you to change your point of view.  Be ready to reach out and make full use of good opportunities that will present itself. 

Saturday, 31 December 2016

2017 Predictions from Jade's Crystal Ball

image saved from Printerest

2017: The Year of The Phoenix Rising from the Ashes (Fire Rooster):

Phoenix Rising from the Ashes: This year will end a cycle of bad luck, bad karma, bad situations and illness. 2017 is a year of revealed secrets, discovering the unknown and healing. Matters regarding demolition, waste and rubble removal will receive greater attention. Build rapport and be a good listener to ensure recognition, fame, fortune, promotions and power. Fortune will smile on those ready to take a calculated risk. Guard against getting involved in legal or political battles. A self-confident man who has an unusual walk or walks with a limp will rise to prominence. Education and knowledge will be emphasized as well as making it available to the less privileged.

This year's motto: Knowledge - be in the know. Keep up to speed with the news and new technology. Having quick and easy access to knowledge. Most of all know yourself. Self-knowledge is the key to self-actualization.

Psychics / Psychologists / Counselors - will gain more prominence as more and more people need someone to listen to their problems. For a confidential session contact Jade via email There is a fee involved in exchange for my positive vibrations and energy.

                                              image saved from

Listen and Learn: Listen to what others have to say. That way you become knowledgeable. When you speak you talk about things you already know. When you listen you can learn new things. Most important of all, listen to your heart! When we pray we make a call to God. When we have a hunch, God is calling us.

                                                   flikie wallpapers

Words and Music: carry vibrations. Make sure your words and music are positive and uplifting. Listen and become aware: the universe is whispering to you!

Communication and Internet:  will expand and improve in unprecedented ways. Faster and more efficient methods to connect.

Music: New talent and new and unusual ways of dancing will emerge.

Number 17: This year is ruled by the number 17. This will be a highly spiritual year with peace, love, luck, money, fame and hope as its main features.

8 pointed 'Star of Venus':  It is written in the Stars. New interest and advancement in astronomy and astrology. New found ideas around the stars. 2017 is a wish fulfilling year. Be sure to wish upon a star to make your dreams come true. Dream big and follow your heart. If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough!  Consult an astrologer, like myself, to chart the course of your life from the stars. Your story is written there. 2017 will bring us new famous people 'Stars' especially in the music world. New good books and movies will also delight and entertain us in 2017.

2017 Venus influence: Showers us with wealth this year. Love, beauty, fashion, art and good food are her other blessings. This is an excellent year for marriage as it will bring good karma and be long and lasting. Venus can wreak havoc with weather patterns.

2017 will be strongly influenced by the vibrations of the Star Signs Capricorn and Aquarius:

Capricorn: Materialism and social image will be important. Success is assured for those who follow the rules of Saturn. Be disciplined, on time and organised. Guard against temptation of physical pleasures such as food, drink, drugs and sex. Moderation is the key. Saturn teaches that there is a time and place for everything. Instant self-gratification leads to self-loathing and regret. Delayed gratification gives a sense of self-control and happiness.

image by Anne Nordhause-Bike

Aquarius: Humanity, social movement and futuristic thinking. Inventions that will make the future easier. New and improved methods to stay younger for longer. New and eccentric ways of being and doing things. Great new books, stories and films will be born this year. 2017 will be a year of rebellion and reform. France, Germany and Turkey will be in the news as well as countries located on the 'ring of fire'. Possible bombings and trouble in Greece. Social and humanitarian causes will be prominent. The Aquarius Glyph symbolize waves: water. air, microwaves etc. Huge advancements in technology is to be expected. Micro-chipping and genetic manipulation will become a reality. This will result in more effective ways of monitoring health, paying bills, communicating, etc.

Saturn rules time, space, old age, discipline and order.
saved from

The influence of  Saturn, Uranus and the Moon: can give rise to unsettling events regarding weather and political uprisings. Emotions run high and may result in revolution and panic. I see bombs and unrest in Greece and Turkey. Governments will take unprecedented steps in releasing classified documents and correspondence. Hurricanes and earthquakes are likely to be unexpected and shocking. Electricity will be released and conducted in new ways, possibly involving water. Nu-clear power and hydrogen advancements.

                                                 image saved from hydrogen lyte. energy

Aviation and Travel: Major events on this front. Space travel and speed of travelling will reach new heights. Huge advancements to be expected. New and improved designs for vehicles. A restless and busy year that will flood trains, planes and buses. Crowded airports will emphasize the need for new and improved methods of travel, which will definitely manifest this year.
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Birds: Feed the birds to feed your dreams.

Doreen Virtue

Angels: The presence of Angels will be more prevalent. Guardian Angels will present themselves to those who are receptive and open to helpful celestial energy.

Aliens: Alien activity and life on other planets will be in the news.

Merging / Alliances: between companies and countries to improve social and economical conditions. Building new and better bridges and tunnels to connect cities and countries.  Globalization intensifies and the world becomes smaller as news travels faster and more effectively.

Liquids: Water, Oil, Alcohol, Perfume and all liquids will be in the limelight and are good commodities to invest in for the future.

Science, New Inventions, Metaphysics - unparalleled advances. Time and time-travel will be redefined and gain new meaning. New hydrogen bombs to be explored and tested. The presiding celestial guardian Vishnu is the preserver of earth and therefore these weapons will be unsuccessful.

Health:  cure for a disease. New and improved hearing aids. A possible pandemic regarding bird flue, which may spread worldwide quickly as a result of a universal urge to travel because this year will be characterized by restlessness. An obsession with outward appearances will manifest as new and improved ways of staying younger for longer and improved methods in cosmetic surgery.

Goddess that rules this year: Saraswati, goddess of knowledge.

Ascended Master that rules: Vishnu, the preserver of the universe.

Be Safe and be Blessed !

Calling on the Angels is the key to being safe!

Gratitude is the key to attracting great blessings !