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Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ganesha Chaturthi

                                       Removes Obstacles and Bestows Blessings !

Today is Ganesha Chaturthi and therefore we are not allowed to look at the moon today.

Ganesh Chaturthi is the birthday of Lord Ganesha who is honored as:
 the Ascended Master of wisdom, prosperity and good fortune.
Lord Ganesha is also the patron Saint of Astrology.

Ganesha Chaturthi starts on the fourth day after the new moon in Virgo. It is also known as Vinayaka Chaturthi or Vinayaka Chavithi. It is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Ganesha also known as Ganapati, son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.

The elephant figure is a 'representation' for the' energy' of wisdom and good fortune.

Ganesh Chaturthi starts today and ends after 10 days on Ananta Chaturdasi.

To attract this benevolent and blessed energy wear shades of red and burn red candles.
Decorate your dining room with flowers, fruit (especially bananas) and sweets.
Be generous and give in order to receive.
Go vegetarian for the next 10 days.

Daniel 1:12 'Test your servants for ten days; let us be given vegetables to eat and water to drink'.

Similar to Mabon - Spring / Autumn Equinox of finding balance and removing obstacles.

Feed the Birds Feed the Dreams. Make a wish on some bird seed and then feed it to the birds today. You will surely get your wish !

For people who feel depressed - do things for others and give of yourself abundantly in order to receive the blessing of joy. Go to the SPCA and help with the animals, go to an orphanage or old age home and help out there. Make someone smile today !

Here is a short but powerful Ganesha mantra: “Om gam ganapataye namaha.” 

Chanting this mantra lets you tap into Ganesha's energy to remove all obstacles from your life and  grace you with wisdom, peace, prosperity and good fortune.

This mantra attracts the energy of Ganesha, who helps us to develop our discrimination, willpower and intuitive awareness. Ganesha helps us enter onto the path of true spirituality and then guards our well-being as we make each step towards higher states of divine consciousness.

May the Divine Energy of Ganesha bring you - Joy, Happiness, Prosperity, Fortune, Success and Wealth and may all your dreams come true.


God and Love always prevail !

See the Good in Everyone
Be Blind to the Faults Of Others. 
It Brings Peace in your Life.
Things don't Change, 
You Change yoUr Way Of Looking at them..!

Life will keep Moving,
Some People will be there with You For Sometime,
Some People Will Go Away,
But Those who find you Special,
Will always find ways to Stay with You.. !

You never get a person of your type in this world
You will either have to adjust or You will have to compromise
You adjust when Someone wants to be with you
And you compromise when you want to be with some one ..
Amazing but true.

Improved characteristic is not itself the game-changer,
but will add happiness to happiness or
remove unhappiness from unhappiness.
That way, measure by measure,
we can grow our happiness until we realize one day
that life is beautiful, even joyful,
despite the difficulties inherent to living.

Everyone you Meet is not Just a Coincidence but Destiny,
Leave something wonderful to those who Pass by your Life
so they will find it hard to Erase you from their Heart.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Flying Star Feng Shui for 2015: Year of the Wood Goat

A magical place is attuned with the rhythm and energy of nature and the planets. Recreate this energy flow in your home or work to enhance your luck. The new energy flow started in July when Jupiter entered sidereal Cancer.  The Zodiac Sign where Jupiter lies is named after the full moon which falls in that house. The full moon that falls in Cancer is Capricorn, the Goat or Cow. Place a Tiger or Lion by your door for protection. Abstain from eating meat to improve your luck.

NW         N          NE
SW          S            SE

The energy flow is currently ruled by the purple star Rahu (north node of the moon).
It's color is also Brownish. It acts like Saturn and its day is Satur(n)day.

Rahu is ruled by Durga (Bastet).

Rahu (north node of moon) visits the Centre - Mask wearing Star.
Fast every day until 5 pm.
Use this area to outsmart and unmask obstacles and enemies (toxic, treacherous, deceptive people), to avoid arguments and legal problems. This is also the area to attract luck, wealth and foreigners.
Rahu is - 3, wood, enhanced by its own colors, destroyed by metallic colors and metal objects.
Symbolism - rides on a tiger or lion, pulled by 8 black horses, casts a shadow, holds weapons.
Magic colors - violet, red, gold, silver.
Magic objects - Lion, tiger, butterfly, bell.
Ruling deity - Durga can get rid of enemies and helps to let go of warn-out ideas.
Magic Mantra - Om Ram Rahave Namaha.
Tarot Card - Strength.
With fasting until 5 pm every day, this star can bring great wealth.

The number for Rahu is number 8. We use the number 3 in the center.

Ketu (south-node of the moon) visits the North West - wealth and spiritual star. 
Fast from 6pm until 6am.
Use this area to enhance wealth, prosperity, spirituality and animals.
Ketu is - 4, purple, wood, wind, enhanced with plants.
Symbolism - is the dragon's tail and is symbolized by a man coming out of a fish holding a flag.
Magic colors - purple, pink, black, multi-colored and stripes.
Ruling Deity - Ganesha, bringer of luck and remover of obstacles.
Magic Mantra - Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha and / or Om Ketve Namaha
Magic Objects - mermaid, sea-horse,  fish, dragon, carp jumping over a dragon, flag, elephant.
Tarot Card - Ace of Pentacles.

Ketu's number is 9. We use the number 4 in the center.

Sun visits the West - Violence star - Protect your life, Luck, Energy.
Fast for wealth, luck and happiness on a Sunday.
Use this area to suppress negative energy and for protection from misfortune. The sun is hot and thirsty and needs to be given water, so place black / blue objects to symbolize water.
Sun is - 5, earth, violence is pacified with golden yellow and metal objects.
Symbolism - seated on a chariot pulled by 7 (days) horses, wheel has 12 (months) spokes.
Magic Colors: golden yellow and copper.
Magic Objects - Sun, metal-objects (coins, wind-chimes), Om-sign, lotus, salt-water-cure.
Place statues and pictures of angels and prayers here.
Ruling Deity - God of Fire (Agni) or Surya.
Magic Mantra - Om Surya Namaha.
Tarot Cards - Sun.

The number for Sun is 1. We use the number 5 in the center.

Moon visits the North East - Birth Star - Shiva (new) moon.
Fast on a Monday.
Use this area to stimulate helpful people and travel.
Moon is - 6, metal, enhanced with crystals.
Symbolism - circle, rides on a deer holding a white lotus.
Magic colors - white, silver, gold, light blue.
Magic objects - Angels, metal objects (eg silver coins, wind-chimes frames); earth objects (crystals); angels; globe with two fish; maps, deer, rabbit, cat, wolf, owl.
Ruling Deity: Shiva, Hathor.
Magic Mantra: Om Somaya (or Chandraya) Namaha
Tarot Card - High Priestess.

The number for the moon is 2. We use the 6 in the center.

Mars visits the South - cruel star (violence, robbery), burning coal, lightning struck tower.
Fast to remove obstacles on a Tuesday.
Use this area for protection from all sorts of violence and theft (including good name), backstabbing.
Keep this area quiet.
Mars is - 7, red, metal, is destroyed by fire.
Symbolism - triangle, rides on a ram holding weapons.
Magic Color - Red
Magic Objects - Triangles, Fire, Candles, Ram, Dagger.
Ruling Deity - Subramaniya
Magic Mantra - Om Angarakaya Namaha
Tarot Card - Tower

The number for Mars is 3. We use the number 7 in the center.

Mercury visits the North - star of wealth and wisdom.
Fast for wealth and wisdom on a Wednesday.
Use this area to enhance wealth, wisdom and increase (grow). Put a water-feature and play music.
Mercury is - 8, earth, enhanced with water.
Symbolism - arrow, rides on a lion-elephant, Buddha.
Magic colors - Turquoise and green.
Magic objects - Money-Buddha, Money-Frog, Elephant, Lion, Blessing hand or message.
Ruling Deity - Buddha, Saraswati (goddess of music and learning).
Magic Mantra Om Bum Budhaya Namaha.
Tarot Card - Magician.

The number for Mercury is 4. We use the number 8 in the center.

Jupiter visits the South-West - Star of Prayers, Guru, Chief of the Gods.
Fast for property and protection on a Thursday.
Use this area to enhance good fortune and suppress misfortune.
Don't sit facing this direction or travel in this direction as it will bring bad luck.
Jupiter is - 9, fire, pacified and enhanced by its own colors.
Symbolism - square with triangles on each side, rides an elephant holding a conch-shell and a lotus.
Magic Colors - red, violet and yellow.
Magic Objects - salt-water-cure, holy beads, conch-shell, elephant, candles, lights.
Ruling Deity - Indra, Chief of the Gods, Shiva as teacher (guru) to the gods.
Magic Mantra - Om Brum Brahaspateh Namaha.
Tarot Cards - Hierophant and Wheel of Fortune.the opportunity presents itself. Guard against being overly suspicious and make change happen.

The number for Jupiter is 5. We use the number 9 in the center.

Jupiter, the Grand Duke or Guru, visits this galaxy (mansion, palace) this year. That is Jupiter is sitting in Cancer (sidereal). To appease Jupiter, place something yellow, eg yellow Jasper, in the South-West sector of your home. Don't face this direction (S-SW) or move in this direction and be careful when travelling in this direction.

Jupiter can be appeased by placing the following objects in the South-West sector:

Jupiter Talisman

yellow jasper


Venus visits the East - Star of Wealth, Fame, Comfort and Love.
Fast for wealth and love on a Friday.
Use this area to manifest magic and miracles in your life; to bring fame and a good name; wealth; property; good education; happiness; longevity; children and love.
Venus is - 1, water, enhanced with water, oval objects, blue, black and metal.
Symbolism - rides on a white horse with a small pot of gold and a 6-pointed star.
Magic colors - green, white, colorful, pastels clear and prismic.
Magic objects - horse, dragon, Star-of-David (6-pointed), victory-symbols, vision board, round / oval objects, herbs, blessing.
Activate this most auspicious star with a water feature. Sit in this direction or face this direction to tap into its magical energy flow.
Ruling Deity - Lakshmi, Angel of Fire.
Magic Mantra - Om Shum Shukraya Namaha.
Tarot Card - Empress.

The number for Venus is 6. We use the number 1 in the center.

Saturn is visiting the South-East - star of time.
Fast for a better day on a Saturday.
Use this area to remove hardships, illness, misfortune and loss.
Saturn is - 2, earth, destroyed by wood (plants, green, brown), pacified by metal.
Symbolism - bow pointing up, rides on a bull or bird, holds a bow and arrow and a trident.
Magic colors - dark blue and black.
Magic objects - salt-water-cure, buffalo, bow and arrow, trident, black crow, vulture, iron.
Ruling deity - lord of death (yama).
Magic Mantra - Om Shram Shanayshchraye Namaha.
Tarot Card - World

The number for Saturn is number 7. We use the number 2 in the center.


Feng Shui Cycles
                                             Jupiter        5 yellow            3 killings
                                          (don't face)       (don't disturb - hang bells)      (not behind you)

Earth Rat                2008        North                      South                                 South  
Earth Ox                 2009        N-NE                     North                                East
Metal Tiger             2010        E-NE                      SW                                   North
Metal Rabbit           2011        East                        East                                   West                    
Water Dragon         2012        E-SE                      SE                                     South
Water Snake           2013        S-SE                      Center                               East
Wood Horse           2014        South                      NW                                  North
Wood Goat             2015        S-SW                     West                                West
Fire Monkey            2016        W-SW                   NE                                    South
Fire Rooster             2017        West                      South                                 East
Earth Dog                2018         W-NW                  North                                North
Earth Pig                  2019         N-NW                   SW                                   West
Metal Rat                 2020         North                     East                                   South
Metal Ox                 2021          N-NE                    SE                                     East
Water Tiger             2022           E-NE                    Center                               North
Water Rabbit           2023           East                       NW                                  West
Wood Dragon          2024           E-SE                     West                                 South
Wood Snake            2025           S-SE                     NE                                    East
Fire Horse                2026           South                    South                                 North
Fire Goat                  2027           S-SW                   North                                West
Earth Monkey           2028          W-SW                   SW                                   South
Earth Rooster            2029          West                      East                                 East
Metal Dog                 2030          W-NW                  SE                                    North
Metal Pig                   2031          N-NW                   Center                              West
Water Rat                  2032          North                     NW                                  South
Water Ox                   2033          N-NE                    West                                 East
Wood Tiger                2034          E-NE                     NE                                   North
Wood Rabbit              2035          East                       South                                West
Fire Dragon                2036           E-SE                     North                                South
Fire Snake                  2037           S-SE                     SW                                   East
Earth Horse                2038           South                     East                                  North
Earth Goat                  2039           S-SW                    SE                                    West
Metal Monkey            2040           W-SW                  Center                               South
Metal Rooster             2041           West                     NW                                   East
Water Dog                  2042           W-NW                 West                                 North
Water Pig                    2043           N-NW                  NE                                   West

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

24 January: Birthday of the 'larger than life idol'

Lucky numbers 4, 6, 7, 24, 33, 60
You could be a statue in a museum, because people are always putting you on a pedestal.
You have had to do a great deal to combat the pressure you feel to conform to the prevailing rules and regulations of society. You rarely allow yourself to lose control (even in a fantasy). Your life contains a distinct challenge - how to be yourself and still maintain harmonious relationships with those close to you. Your birthdayday is indicative of a person who seeks to create peaceful understanding between yourself  and others. You have to be different from others, and yet you do not want to alienate the people who matter to you. There is a definite humanitarian urge within you. You certainly are aware of social oppression and will work to maintain both your own and other people's personal liberty. Your challenge is to create a clear sense of your individual responsibility to life. This allows you the freedom you require but permits you to contribute in a practical way to the welfare of society. On your birthday the Sun shines near the constellation Corona Borealis. Unusual ideas and therapies that can benefit yourself and others fascinate you. You may develop an alternative healing modality, which combines body therapies and mental imaging. An image for you is the
White Magician.

At home have a collection of tapes with music of the spheres. You may want to have your astrology chart interpreted musically. Your home should be completely modern and spare. If your climate is suitable consider having solar panels or using wind power as a source of energy. Meditation chimes are objects of beauty and inspiration for you. Your garden should be filled with medicinal herbs as well as aromatic flowers for massage oils and aromatherapy. Lavender is great for you. Very often in life you find yourself torn between two equally attractive bur opposite paths. To help ease such tensions, find an attractive painting of either a yin-yang symbol or a large hexagram in red and blue and hang this on a west-facing wall in your home. When relaxing in a warm bath hold sodalite and focus on the decision at hand to, in order to allow your mind to become more rational and logical in its approach. You need to ensure that you have an area in your home that is clearly your own, even when you are in a serious relationship. You can mark this space by investing in an antique chair, especially a rocking chair.  Place large earthenware pots filled with water outside your home or fill them with water plants. Display the Kamea magic spaure of the planet Mars to dampen the volatile element in your personality.

Numbers for those born on 24 January:

7 for perseverance, victory and success.  Not by dominating others, but more like the biblical metaphor where the Creator rested on the 7th day. This path embodies satisfaction in accomplishment and renewal of the spirit for continued development. Rest is healing and ministers to the spirit.

6 for harmony of opposites and reconciliation of polarities. Things that should calm you down: Topaz, a canoe trip on a gentle river, a day at the health spa. Have a relaxing massage and pamper yourself. Watch a cat napping to learn the art of relaxation.

Lucky colors: Yellow-orange and blue-violet will harmonize your energies.

Luck-maker: don't waste time waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along, but make the most of the opportunities at hand.

At your best: energetic, exciting, stunning, individualistic, dramatic, technical, inspirational.

Your dark side: vain, insecure, aloof, distant.

Health:  meticulous with your health and appearance. You like to exercise and look after your diet. Don't eat meat - it ages you. You suffer from nervous energy or get the odd panic attack. Spend time in nature when you feel out of sorts.

Destiny: To inspire others with your desire to improve the world.

Love: you struggle to let yourself go fully into a relationship. You have a loving, generous heart, but intense emotions frighten you. Venus rules your birthday so you were born to be loved, but you rarely engage in all-out passion because you fear the intensity of your own emotions. Communication is important to you and erotic conversation engages your imagination and stimulates your sexual desire.

You share your birthday with Neil Diamond:


Every Mansion has its own energy. Altair carries the energy of the Eagle. This is good for communication, business and intellectual matters. 

This mansion warns against persecution and bites from venomous creatures. 

Position of the Sun on 24 January
Displaying SC20130124-075025.jpg

Moon in Altair

Written in the Stars Today:
The above sky picture shows us that the Moon is moving in the direction of Neptune and Uranus which may bring sudden flashes of inspiration. The moon is also squaring Saturn which may cause one to feel down and depressed. It influences relationships in that one person will be responsible (Saturn) and the other one will be erratic and unpredictable with far out ideas (Uranus). Things usually look worse than they are and we are reminded that it is always the darkest before dawn. Meditate and seek calm solutions.

Marker Star: Altair:  10°00' - 23° 20 Capricorn
3°00'- 16°20' Aquarius
Star of listening and learning.

Ruled by: The Moon (kindness).

Symbols: Ear, listening equipment, footprints.

Energy Vibrated Today: Listen (read) and learn.

Numbers: 22, 4

Listen to the whisper of the universe.
Altair, the Eagle that brings sudden fortune, courage, strong character, a penetrating mind and psychic ability.  When a planet visits, it a good time to seek the advice of a psychic or counselor. They will not only listen, but hear your problem and be able to give practical sound advice. This mansion bestows communication, love, courage, hardiness, honors, wealth and will-power. Purposeful communication is a sacred act. This mansion houses the three footprints of god as the preserver. These footprints mark the spiritual progress we make as a result of listening to spiritual voices and music in order to gain transcendental knowledge. This mansion is also about reading, telling stories and listening to others. Listening to music will sooth the soul. Good listeners (readers) make good speakers (writers).

Dance into Magic:
Listen and Learn. Dance and listen to positive and uplifting music while visualizing what you desire. What we think about, we bring about!

Altairs: Hardy, generous, courageous, bold, brash, strong-willed, good listeners, make good friends, like to travel, and can attain wealth and fame.

Neil Diamond and Oprah Winfrey are typical Altairs - singer-songwriter and talk-show hostess.
Altairs are talented, attractive, neat and know how to penetrate the minds of the public. Their public image is very important to them.

They make excellent counselors, spiritual counselors, psychics, advisers and lawyers.

They make good archaeologists, explorers and historians.
Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) - professor in archaeology that explores history.
Rick O'Connell (Brendan Frazer) in 'Mummy' researcher that explores history.
Milo Thatch (Michael Fox) - cartographer whose research on Atlantis leads him there.
Kung Fu Panda - Po who listens and learns to become the Dragon Warrior to defend the Valley of Peace.

On the negative side these people suffer from a psychological defensiveness about their reputation. They may show open contempt for those who wish to tarnish their public reputation. They also suffer from a fear of not being heard. They may be domineering. Altairs 20th year will be risky. They originally came from the moon and are desperately trying to fly back there (airplanes, sky rockets, space shuttles). For this purpose they normally try to remain slim and well-read. They vibrate to the numbers 4 and 22.  

Star Galaxies (Mansions) affect us all differently - a constellation may affect: the way you think or look at things; your health, friends, enemies, work, love life, ambition, luck - it depends where the particular Mansion is placed in your birth chart. Check where Altair is placed in your chart in order to find out how it influences your life. For example, I have Jupiter in Altair in my 7th house of marriage. Music and dancing puts me in the mood for love. My partner must also be my best friend and intellectually stimulating.

People who were born between 24 January to 5 February have their Sun in Altair.

Tarot Card: Page of Swords - Pallas Athene - wisdom and extremely good communicator, reader, writer, talker. Thoughtful, idealistic, scholar, scientist, professor, historian, explorer, philosopher.

Ascended Master / Guardian Angel:
Sarasvati - knowledge, communication and music.

 Lord Vishnu the preserver and maintainer.

KNOW YOURSELF:  "Good things come in small packages". This saying is applicable in your case, as you are born in this ascendant sign and your stars indicate that you are short and unfortunately stubby. Sorry you cannot rectify the short part but then, you can always work out at the gym so you will not be stubby.  
NATURE  You are one person who will risk putting all the eggs in one basket, but at the same time, you will sit and watch that basket, as you are a cautious person. Hence, before making a decision, you will check all the pros and cons.  You are superstitious, and your approach in general is rather pessimistic.  The Lord of Capricorn is Saturn, which makes you socially introverted, and a lover of solitude. You choose your friend's after strict scrutiny.  You believe in matter of fact practicality, and honesty is the strength of your character.  "One should always get even in some way, else the sore place will go on hurting". That is exactly what you believe in as you are revengeful and wait for an opportunity to get even with those who might have wronged you.  Administration and Management is the professional bill that would suit you.  
SUN  You are advised to be cautious about your health, which is rather fragile during your childhood. At the age of 15, you will be faced by a calamity, in the form of a serious illness. You will also complain of problems with your eyes.  You will have a smooth lifeline.  You have a powerful, strong physique.  
MOON  You are closely knit to your family, and you enjoy spending maximum time with them. You are also a polite and friendly person.  You are a born collector and enjoy collecting postage stamps, antiques, etc.  At the age of 27, you have a very bright chance of earning money.  
MARS You are that unfortunate person who could be stabbed in the back by your own best friend. Hence, you are advised not to give surety or assurance for your friends.  Having mars in the eleventh house, which is the house of benefit, implies that you have a good chance of earning good money, especially at the age of 24.  
MERCURY You are the conservative sort. Hence, to an extent, you are narrow minded, as you have closed the doors to change. You also lack foresight, and hence end up with short term gains only.  At the age of 44, your spouse may have some health problems.  You will go through a rough phase at the age of 22, as there is a chance of you losing in your job or business.  
JUPITER You are the kind who is capable of taking sand and converting it into gold, 'cause you are very lucky and shall be successful in any business. Wilson Mizner says "The only sure thing about luck is that it will change", but in your case, it is not true, as you will always have luck on your side.  You shall be a concerned parent and always worry about their well being. You live within the framework of society and always abide by all its rules and regulations.  Success steps into your house after the age of 10. You will earn a lot of money after the age of 29. Suitable lines for you are teaching, preaching and consultancy.  
VENUS  Yours is the hot beauty.  Having Venus in the first house makes you extremely beautiful, making you the hotspot of attraction. Stars indicate that you are good looking, with a keen interest in music and art. You are the kind of person who wears a million dollar smile on your face 24 hours, through which you manage to impress people rather easily.  If you happen to be a woman, you can easily walk away with a beauty crown, or become a Miss World without much difficulty.  Your presence is mostly enjoyed by all and you are always surrounded by a gathering of people. You are deeply attracted to the opposite sex and your weakness is cosmetics, perfumes, etc.  You are a born reformer and love breaking old customs and traditions, to establish new ones more to your liking.  There is a possibility that you could become a film star, but certainly, you shall earn for yourself name, fame and money at the age of 17.  
SATURN  Your period of prosperity will start after the period of 35 years. You will benefit a lot through your friends.  Your children will keep you constantly on your toes, as you are a concerned parent, and get worried at the drop of a hat.  At the age of 24, you will have better opportunities to earn more money.  
RAHU  Stars indicate that you will always be clean and clear of all dangers whatsoever. Speculation in the stock exchange will prove beneficial for you.  You will earn for yourself power and money at the age 35 onwards, but at the same time, you are advised that your contacts with the DONs of the underworld may not always be in your favour.  There is a generation gap between you and your father, which often leads to differences.  
KETU  You have to be careful about your mother's health and stars indicate that in property dealing and speculations, you will not benefit.  You often give your mother cause for concern and she gets unnecessarily tense. Well, that is why they say that a concerned parent is your only best wisher, because your well being means the world to him/her.